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New York Firefighter & Nutrition Specialist Frank D’Agostino Sets a Blaze with Health is Wealth Mindset



New York Firefighter & Nutrition Specialist Frank D’Agostino

Men’s Health featured New York Firefighter Frank D’Agostino BA, PN – is setting a blaze with his synergistic approach to both health and wealth.  

When Frank is not putting out fires in Yonkers New York, he’s teaching the “Health is Wealth” mindset to his fitness clients and quickly growing social media fanbase (@frank_dag).

In Westchester, New York, Frank Dag is the co-owner of a unique fitness facility called Transform Fitness & Training. This is not your average gym where people come in and walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Frank and his team offer their members a variety of services with the core being rooted in creating a lifestyle change NOT a temporary fix. 

The “Health is Wealth” mindset means just how it sounds. Good health can give you good wealth. Metaphorically speaking, the wealth doesn’t necessarily need to refer to money, although it can. Frank emphasizes that if you take care of your health and overall well-being, then you can succeed in virtually all areas of your life. It can help you in business, career, relationships, education, and accomplishing any of your goals. 

Most people want to stay healthy and achieve different variations of wealth in their lives. The problem is that they have trouble sticking to a lifestyle-based routine. “Longevity is key” says D’Agostino. 

Frank educates his clients of the impact nutrition can have on their journey to transforming into the ultimate versions of themselves. 

As a firefighter and nutrition specialist Frank describes it as often being difficult to separate his two passions especially when he goes on medical calls. 

“My brother’s and I see every kind of medical emergency you can imagine and the toughest ones for me are the calls where the patient is cognitively perfect and alert but physically deteriorating due to not making exercise and nutrition a priority in life.

They have so much life to live and memories to make but somewhere throughout their life- health was just not taken into consideration”.

One of Frank’s goals is to be able to “Empower and educate ONE MILLION lives about real nutrition, giving others the opportunity to make their own educated decisions when it comes to taking control of their health and fitness.” 

“I’m so tired of the temporary fix, this month’s hottest trend, 21-day diet solutions” says Frank. 

He describes it as marketing and advertising at its best –many of times these quick fixes don’t yield long terms results. Rather, the client quickly regresses into the same habits and routine prior to beginning – eventually winding up right back where they started. 


During our sit down D’Agostino made a powerful point: 

He asked me “What are the first 3 letters of the word DIET?” to which I responded “DIE”.

He followed that up with “What are the first 4 letters of the word HEALTH?” to which I responded “HEAL”.

Frank’s passion is magnetic, he believes that many people have never been exposed to some very simple, yet powerful lifestyle changes that they can implement into their lives today. 


Here are 4 of his recommendations below:  

1. Hydrate Mandate

Our bodies are made up of close to 60% water. Simply staying hydrated on a consistent basis can improve almost all aspects of your health.


2. Think Outside the “Pizza” Box

We live in a world of high calories and low nutrients. Slowly begin to shift your focus into eating foods from more wholesome sources and opt for less processed/packaged foods when possible. 


3. Check Your Plate

Strive to have a colorful plate of food with each meal. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake and watch your energy soar! 


4. Sweat Equity

Exercise, find movement that you enjoy. Even if its 30 minutes a day. We all have 30 minutes that we can deposit into our Wellness-Fargo bank account. 


Frank’s approach to business and nutrition are catching fire but it’s his empathic and passionate demeanor that makes all the difference.

 It’s no surprise to us that a recent announcement revealed that Frank has been named an ambassador for Lululemon, one of the top athletic apparel brands in the world, where he inked a two-year contract with the Canada based company. 

We asked Frank how he wanted to end the interview and he recited a quote that a mentor recently read him:

 “A man or woman with their health has 1,000 wishes a man or woman without their health has only one”. 

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