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Nolan Johnson: Entrepreneur and Marketing Coach



Nolan Johnson

Nolan Johnson was born in Hancock, Michigan, in 1992 and graduated high school in 2011. In his teenage years, he decided not to go to college and moved to North Dakota in 2011 to work in an oilfield. Nolan had a premonition that college is not that necessary if you know how to network to get a job. His networking skills were put to the test when he landed a marketing job in 2013. Nolan joined a network marketing group and earned $800 in his best month after two years of working with the group.

Working in network marketing groups was not a lucrative deal as Nolan once thought it was. He needed to get a better job that paid more, so he went to work for Quicken loans in 2015 in Detroit, Michigan. While working for Quicken loans, Nolan Johnson became a digital marketing guru that has expertise in Facebook ads. In November 2018, Nolan Johnson founded NXJ marketing. In the last 12 months, Nolan Johnson grew NXJ marketing from zero dollars to $1 million a month in volume. Nolan’s company is paced to be a $10 million company before 2021.

Nolan Johnson did all of this without being a college graduate. Early on, Nolan believes that college education is not necessary if you are good at understanding the fundamentals of marketing, especially network and digital marketing. Today Nolan Johnson has a vision statement planted on the front page of his website This mission statement says that his marketing company, “is dedicated to helping people of all skill levels start their own digital marketing business.”

Mr. Johnson and his company have sold thousands of courses online to domestic and international students. His courses include Amazon automation that helps entrepreneurs realize their full potential in implementing an Amazon store that could grow to more than $100,000 in a month in sales. Another one of his courses is “direct sales secrets.” This program is popular because the program shows entrepreneurs how they can generate sales on autopilot while they sleep. One of Johnson’s popular programs is called the “high ticket cash flow secrets” program. This program is popular because the program shows the viewer how to gain significant commissions through paid advertising effortlessly while you sleep.

Nolan Johnson’s programs have touched many lives throughout the world. In a short period, many of his students have been able to realize life-changing income without much effort. For students who have completed his programs, they have noted how influential his programs changed their perspective on business and in life. Some of his students have been college-educated with doctorate degrees but could not figure out how to make more money in their life. Nolan Johnson’s fresh perspective has helped them open their minds to the possibilities that they have never considered before. 

The growing following of Nolan Johnson includes all of his students. The student testimonials speak for themselves and are listed on his website. The number of visitors to NXJ marketing continues to grow to the point where the company believes that there is now a cult following. The marketing group now offers apparel on their website ( to further this following so that they can help more people achieve their dreams.

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