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Our Editor’s Pick of the Best New Influencer



Our Editor’s Pick of the Best New Influencer

As one of the most sought-after travel influencers today, Natalie Lefevre shows wanderlust aficionados some of the best travel inspiration, whether on blissful beaches or some of the globe’s most captivating cities. She creates compelling content for many platforms, including Instagram and Euronews NBC – one of the most watched news channels in Europe with 23 million viewers. As well as being a travel journalist, she also works as an advisor on digital strategy and social media to a growing roster of clients. 

 “Influencers are mini-start-ups, performing our own tech with cleverly created posts and well-positioned videos to convert a follower into many revenue streams while maintaining authenticity,” says Natalie. “In 2020, 80% of communications will be in the video and almost 75% of teenagers dream of being an influencer. I believe each person’s voice will have more power than classic media. This is already the case, with some of my friends having up to six million followers. If you establish your brand and stay unique, the followers will find you. It’s important to plan ahead, whether that’s as an organization or an individual.”

“The comments that you receive matter, especially those coming from highly followed accounts or Macro influencers, which can propel your post to the main page for best visibility. The goal is to go viral! You’re seeking to gain the most visibility and traction for the content you worked hard to create and edit. I have many clients subscribed to the monthly “macro influencer commenting” group for an immediate boost. If they need blue tick verifications, we plan their press kit and online Google visibility, in case their online presence is low. This is where my public relations networks kick in to offer publications and articles to promote the individual or brand.”

Being a native of the Seychelles islands, half German and having lived in Texas most of her life, Natalie considers herself a global citizen. A global traveler since she was three years old, she has always pursued adventure and beautiful destinations with an eye for nature, animals and makes that all-important emotional connection with the places she visits. She loves meeting new people and discovering new cultures. 

Natalie worked as Director of Corporate Affairs at Euronews NBC, where she managed several departments including Communications, Press, CEO Events and Partnerships, working together or managing teams on exclusive events such as the Cannes Film Festival launch at Eden Roc with De Grisogono. Natalie designed digital strategies and helped launch the luxury site Living It and manages travel site Wander at Euronews NBC. Knowing what makes great content unique and inspirational for high-end travelers, she decided to break from PR to focus on developing her career as Instagram blogger @Island_Natalie , her journalism social media consultancy work. She offers a wide range of affordable services from mini strategies to full takeovers, managing clients’ Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook sites and editing their content.  

With close friends such as Morin Oluwole (Head of Luxury, FB & Instagram) and by networking with like-minded influencers such as KOTravellers, Natalie stays ahead of the curve. She can offer her clients a unique mix of VIP friends’ connections, strategic growth ideas and a corporate strategist’s eye for an opportunity. Her travel collaborations are sought out by luxury brands and resorts seeking to increase exposure and collect creative content to get on the map and stay competitive.  

“ I advise my clients to focus on videos and moving visuals as they are the future. The first 2-4 seconds matter most to keep interested and to count as an IG view and the videos that work best are 8-12 seconds in length.” Natalie studied Computer Information Systems and has worked as a brand ambassador for the fashion site Farfetch, advising on global VIP events, entering the German market and helping improve website navigation at annual influencer meetings. She is discreet about most of her A-list global clients. Amongst them, she advises Naomi Campbell’s charity Fashion for Relief and others from well-known actresses to novelist, CEO’s, philanthropists on how to achieve organic growth and worthy engagements in the face of continuous changes in the Instagram algorithm. 

Natalie gives social media clients guidance based on their individual goals and recommends using a skilled photographer who can bring your vision to life and highlight you and your authenticity, and strengths in a way that will be unique and captivate your audience. “I want my followers to experience a real immersive feeling of escape and emotion when I tell my story so they can connect with the lovely resort hosting me, a friendly turtle or yummy fresh detox jackfruit smoothie. The fun part is personally testing the shots or videos teaches me what works, to better advise clients ” 

Natalie’s quest for the perfect viral content continues to fuel her career in digital strategy, and her real-life adventures in the world’s most beautiful and exclusive locations. Her magnetic posts showcase her luxe life and passion. She loves and supports saving the ocean and animal charities. In the last year, she has worked with resorts in the Seychelles, Bali, Europe and the Maldives, exposing them to an audience with the adventurous spirit and buying power within her international networks to follow in Natalie’s footsteps. 

“I love traveling and sharing my experiences with my followers,” says Natalie. She believes the key to her success is in the fine balance of riding the trends while staying true to herself. Her content is consistently reposted by renowned industry platforms such as @Luxuryworldtraveller or @Primetraveller which boost her exposure and likes count. “Sure, you can maintain an Instagram feed with your iPhone, but professional content and editing is key to achieving excellence and being different.” Natalie knows that the key to travel influencer success goes far beyond the number of likes and followers. She says: “statistics are important, but selling a hotel and becoming a trusted adventurist and explorer only comes with time, passion and dedication.”

Natalie offers clients a variety of strategic services costing from €200 – €5000. These range from full takeover packages to the managing of all content, and editing, as well as advising on photo shoots, video creation, the creative presentation of stories and blue tick verification. She can help with the website development and digital strategy for blog sites.

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine