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Overcoming Difficulties And Striving Towards Your Goal, Young Entrepreneur Pier Simeonov’s Journey Towards Success



Pier Simeonov

Young entrepreneur and business owner Pier Simeonov proves to himself that he can overcome anything in pursuance of your goals and ambition in life. Simeonov was born in a small easter European country, in Varna, Bulgaria. His family immigrated to the US back in 2005 when he was just seven years old. When he arrived in the US, he encountered a culture shock and was sent straight to second grade while knowing very little English. It was not easy for Simeonov to be put in a very different environment at a young age. It even took him three and a half months to start speaking and understanding the English language. Between six to eight months, he then became fluent with the language.

Now he runs PTS Construction LLC, a small, locally-owned, full-service construction company that takes priority and pride in delivering high-quality service. Simeonov is in his journey to becoming a property investor, developing his company into one of the biggest northwest investment property, and becoming the top of the competition. 

Growing up, Simeonov knew that school is not suitable for his journey in life. He went to college with the hopes to figure something out for himself; it turns out college is not for him. It lasted for three months before he realized that he needed to do something different in his life. After gaining experience as a painter and helper to flippers, he started his own company back in 2017. He began by working small jobs and worked his way up to do all kitchen and bathroom remodelling. He started this journey to gain experience for what is about to come. And, that is to grow his company, PTS Construction LLC, as the largest property investment company in the Northwest.

His company, the PTS Construction LLC, focuses on the efficient and timely competition of the project with personal, innovative service, and high-quality work. They offer reliable, quick, quality, integrity, and craftmanship service for their clients—upgrading homes in their client’s daily life. On top of that, he wanted to build his company towards the direction that he can be able to contribute a positive impact on society and in the neighbourhood. He wanted people to know that with what he is building, he wants to share his success with the people around him. As a property investment and exclusive flipping company, PTS Construction LLC’s impact is not limited to individuals’ home, but also the whole neighbourhood.

From what Simeonov has been through, he knew that there is no shortcut to success. He is aware that some of the people in the flipping industry take shortcuts to cut costs and reduce labour. In his influence, with the company, he is able to control all variables of the project – from buying the property, inspection, renovation, and selling the home, he makes sure that there is no shortcut to be made. In the rate of Simeonov efforts, and at an early age, surely he will be able to reach his goals and intended direction for his company. 

You can follow Pier Simeonov on Instagram @piersimeonov, check out his website at

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