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Pharmacy One Plus: Reimagining the Pharmacy Experience



A trip to the pharmacy has long been thought of as a chore that no one truly finds enjoyable. The whole Big Pharma picture is one of secrecy and mistrust as people simply “swallow the pill” because they have no choice. But one pharmacy in Chicago, Illinois, hopes to change that. Its name is Pharmacy One Plus. 

Started by Jawad Rabi over seventeen years ago, Pharmacy One Plus emphasizes and puts a premium on the customer experience. Today, Jawad and his associate Majd Ibrahim run the store, which serves Albany Park, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in all of Chicago. As people of different nationalities walk into the store every day, the company serves everyone, making them feel at home by speaking their language when possible. The pharmacy has a multi-ethnic staff of pharmacists who can speak in English, Arabic, Russian, and Spanish when necessary. 

Amid COVID-19 restrictions, the company has also played its part in the fight against the health crisis by leading the way for COVID-19 testing. Pharmacy One Plus has performed over 12,000 coronavirus tests to date, with over a thousand of them done for free for the underprivileged communities of Albany Park and beyond. The facility also procures all kinds of medical supplies to help people curb the virus, including face masks, sanitizers, thermal scanners, and many others. 

At the core of the Pharmacy One Plus experience is a client-first mindset. When many pharmacies fail to live up to the client’s expectations, the team at One Plus hopes to change that. Leading the way is Majd and Jawad, who know all too well the challenges that immigrants face. As the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed, many minority members have struggled to cope with the economic and healthcare downfall. Many have lost jobs and sources of income, while others struggle to keep up with medical requirements. As members of the community, Majd and Jawad work endlessly to create a facility with the minority in mind. 

“Most people are just a number when you utilize a big corporate company,” shares company executive Majd Ibrahim. “I am a first-generation migrant in this country, and I remember we had such trouble when we went to pick up my parents’ medications as a child due to the language barrier. We could never find the at-home remedies, making us feel like outsiders.” Today, the company vows to revolutionize the way pharmacies conduct their business by setting an example. 

Anyone who walks through Pharmacy One Plus’ doors will notice the warm and safe atmosphere that the store has. Products at the store also happen to be some of the cheapest despite their service and packaging being some of the most excellent in the region. The pharmacy also takes their service up a notch by providing free delivery for a $49 minimum purchase and drive-by and pick-up routes for those at higher risk when exposed to coronavirus.

Pharmacy One Plus hopes to continue pushing the envelope for pharmaceuticals and changing the way the country thinks of pharmacies. The company has also started rolling out vaccination programs. Visit the company’s website to learn more.

Vanessa Campbell has been a Senior Writer for more than a decade already. She has liaised closely with key members of the Marketing and Leadership team as well as key stakeholders, providing content support for concepts and ideas to take brands to the next level. She has been leading marketing campaign initiatives that have successfully thrived and prosper throughout the years.