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Podcast Entrepreneurs Say Goodbye to the 9-5 Forever



Rags to Riches: Podcast Entrepreneurs Say Goodbye to the 9-5 Forever

Clara and I were just your average millennials who wanted a job we loved and enough pay to buy us some Chanel and fly out to Italy. (Is that really too much to ask for?) We bonded over our passion for fitness and desire to start our own business.

We both somehow knew that the entrepreneur life was meant for us. We were often coming up with business ideas like health coaching or starting a meal prep delivery service. But these never came to fruition. Clara tried to start her blog 5 times and it failed each time. For myself, I went back and forth between being a fitness instructor and working in marketing positions for 5+ years, but none of those roles fulfilled me.

Clara and I were frustrated about the fact that there wasn’t a resource for sassy entrepreneurs like us. We took matters into our own hands and decided to launch the Glow Radio podcast. Needless to say, we now empower other like-minded sassy b*tches to start their dream business today – not tomorrow, but today.

How we got started:

1. Prepped everything to have enough material for 2-5 weeks in advance so we could stay CONSISTENT

2. Took every free and paid education we could get our hands on (podcasts, YouTube, online courses, articles, etc.)

3. Put ourselves out there, networked, said yes to every opportunity

Half a year later, we were making great strides on our podcast, but there had always been the issue of us needing more time, or time to relax and step away when we were experiencing a creative block. We had achieved so much already while still working at our 9-5, and doing our podcast projects on evenings and weekends. We just imagined how much more progress we could make if we weren’t tied down to our day jobs.

So what’s the deal?

1. Our 9-5 jobs were holding us back – we had anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, distractions

We decided that we needed to take a leap of faith in order to move forward. Even though we both experienced multiple failed businesses in the past, we knew that what we were doing now was the right path. We needed to take another risk. The momentum was growing. Feeling discomfort is a blessing and when we are pushed to our limits, we will find a way to make it work.

Where we are now:

1. Quit our 9-5 job – finally!

2. Confirmed HUGE guests (including business owners, influencers, music artists, etc.) for our podcast, booked for 3+ months in advance

3. Learned how to pitch brand deals

4. Invested in a lash extension business (We are definitely serial entrepreneurs!)

5. No longer working to make someone else rich

How we did it:

1. Stepped WAY outside of our comfort zone

2. Failed multiple times each week because we were learning something new – it pushed us to grow and learn better methods

3. Asked other successful entrepreneurs for help and advice

4. Didn’t give up – we send numerous pitches on the daily, only a few may reply but we still persevere

5. Stopped sacrificing our health and happiness – we make time for self-care and only commit to the things that make us happy

We still have bad days sometimes, but I’m thankful that there are two of us in this together. Each one of us believes in our success as much as the other person. When we quit our dreaded day jobs, we knew that we had no other option but to succeed.

Glow Radio: a podcast for the sassiest of b*tches who are looking to dump their 9-5 for that #entrepreneur life. You can expect weekly conversations with unapologetic creatives, business owners and influencers. We discuss tips on how to reach your goals, manage your time and keep your sanity while being a major boss babe. Hosted by Jacquelyn & Clara, your favourite hype women who will cheer you on and push you to create the life that you want.