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Pratik KC: 24 years old Founder, CEO & Tech prodigy of PhyberTech



Pratik KC: 24 years old Founder, CEO & Tech prodigy of PhyberTech

PhyberTech, LLC is an upcoming tech firm that was founded by 24-year-old CEO & tech prodigy Pratik KC.  They offer tech services ranging from web design & development to even on-site IT corporate security training. Pratik’s vision for the company is a little greater than just being a recognized name in the tech industry, however. It is no surprise that there are already a ton of existing tech companies out there that offer the services they do but PhyberTech aims to not only be a renowned tech firm but also a philanthropic group. They have vowed to donate a percentage of their profits from each project to a fund they have started to help spread the gift of tech globally. Some of the ideas they have to include funding tech classes and opportunities in lower socio-economic areas of the US & starting incubators and business accelerators for tech startups. Pratik believes that “technology is best when it brings people together” and he wants PhyberTech to embody this philosophy.

Pratik fell in love with tech at an early age and started his first tech business when he was in high school. The business was called Phyber Security and offered computer security services such as malware removal, general computer troubleshooting, website security, and even remote support. From that point, cyber security became an obsession for Pratik. He went on to educate himself on what is known as “white hat hacking”. This is someone who finds vulnerabilities through methods such as penetration testing but instead of using it for malicious purposes like a black hat hacker, they report the vulnerability. At around age 17, Pratik found several vulnerabilities in different domains/sub-domains that were part of Microsoft, Apple as well as eBay. He is currently listed on each of their respective security researcher acknowledgment pages.

Although Pratik was attending The University of Connecticut for Management Information Systems, he dropped out after a year to pursue his entrepreneurial ventures.  He believes that due to the nature of the tech industry, everything that you could possibly learn in a formal school environment can be self-taught through the plethora of free resources online. Everything Pratik has learned in the tech industry has been self-taught and through his own motivation which is impressive, to say the least.

He urges everyone to get themselves involved in tech as it is here to stay. He believes that a great way someone can get involved nowadays is through programming and believes that everyone should learn a programming language in this day and age. There is always a demand for programmers globally and you don’t need a degree to learn the ins and outs and become one. There are plenty of online resources where you can learn how to program for free such as sites like Codeacademy or you can even watch videos on YouTube that contain full-length courses for beginners. Pratik believes that coding is empowering as it not only helps you understand the technical aspects in computing but it also teaches you how to think. It can lead to many opportunities in a variety of industries and is a great skill set to have under your belt.

Currently, Pratik has been focusing on PhyberTech as it has been his dream business since he was younger. His plans are to have PhyberTech be a conglomerate of all the tech businesses he has ever had an interest in and includes multiple subsidiaries such as Phyber Security. He has also started implementing a data analytics subsidiary company called “phyberlytics” which he plans on building alongside Phyber Security. He also has a tech blog that he runs in his spare time as a sort of hobby called “Tech With Tiki” where he posts on tech-related content he finds interesting. His most recent post is “Data is the new oil & the focus of my latest business venture” in which he talks about phyberlytics. His long-term plans with PhyberTech include expanding on the sectors he currently has as well as implementing new ones as he formulates them. He also wants to eventually enter different industries such as biotech as that is something that has always fascinated him.

It is safe to say, Pratik will be a known name in the tech industry and its clear that he will not stop until he leaves a legacy behind.