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Producer and Artist Himintheflesh on His Artistry and Philanthropy



HimintheFlesh (born Jordan James Freeman) is a musician, songwriter, and record producer who has worked with several big names and A-list stars within his short stint in the music industry. The Ohio-born Star is steadily generating a reasonable amount of clout for himself and his brand despite having only a few songs out and on airplay. 

His first hit single, “I hit a lick on Satan,” currently sits on a comfortable 150k views into SoundCloud, and this has resulted in several collaborations with established artists in the industry, as well as signing a distribution deal with UMG. 

Music is a universal language irrespective of genre. Although specific demographics and audiences prefer a particular genre to the other, HimintheFlesh has his versatility to thank because he can mix as many genres as possible to create a unique sound for himself. Also, his versatility allows him to be on any record, beat, or melody. Although anybody identifies as a lover of good music, fans of hip hop, Alternative music, particularly concertgoers between 16-29yrs of age, are his primary target audience. However, music is music; it doesn’t cherry-pick. 

And aside from his versatility as one of the distinct aspects of his artistry, his name, sound, style, vision, spirit, and mindset makes HimintheFlesh bigger than just a music artist. “I am not just music, but a whole movement.” He said. 

Motivation is the driving force behind the emergence of every artist, and for each artist, their motivating factors differ. For HimintheFlesh, he said, “The fact that I live in a small town and there’s nothing else around, for the last year I’ve been the only musician that’s from my city that actively has a name so not having that peer group that most artists from Atlanta or LA have is something we don’t have in Ohio at the moment.”

In five years, Himintheflesh sees himself owning his record label and having partnerships with big corporations globally. To do this, he understands the enormous task before him; because to break into the industry at the very top or running shoulders with the global superstars, one must have done reasonably well for himself on his own as an artist.

HimintheFlesh is committed to his music career; according to him, he doesn’t love another occupation or endeavor as much as he loves music. And if not music, he probably doesn’t have a long list of options to choose from. At the moment, he is gathering momentum and hopes that the audience gets to know who he is and why he is the next emerging artist from Ohio to look out for.

Away from music, Himintheflesh is currently involved in several charity and outreach programs, under the flagship “Himintheflesh,” where he tries to reach out to the physically challenged and the underserved. Notable amongst Himintheflesh programs is Food justice, an essential part of community justice, where local businesses make donations to fight hunger. A volunteer network program allows people to come in and help the organization with some of its programs.

To learn more about HimintheFlesh, plans, projects, and to make a donation, visit their Website



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