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Q & A for Marshal Webb and Eric Taylor



Marshal Webb and Eric Taylor

What is the inspiration behind PATH Network; how did you come together?

A:  The inspiration behind Path Network is strictly based on the ingenious, talented minds that envisioned redefining internet visibility through blockchain and give their all to ensure the success and growth of the company. The Path Network team has a very fascinating background and history. Path’s CEO, E.J. Hilbert, spent 8 years as a Special Agent for the FBI based in Southern California, where he was the lead case agent for numerous cyber-crime, white-collar and counterterrorism investigations, as well as serving as Director of Security Enforcement for Interactive media.

Path also has a noteworthy line up of former hackers, who are now well-known cybersecurity experts, such as Marshal Webb, CTO & Co-Founder, an Information security expert and three-time award winner of government-sponsored bug bounties, Matt Flannery, Director of Technology, a Technology, Strategy and Architecture consulting specialist and public speaker, and Eric Taylor, Media Advisor, aka Cosmo The God, is a cybersecurity researcher specializing in Information Security, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, Social-Engineering, and Cyber Threat Intelligence. He was initiated into Google’s Security Hall of Fame in 2012 at the age of 15. Eric served as Chief Technology Officer of Cinder Cyber Security, as well as Chief Information Security Officer at VIRAL. cite^

Why hasn’t anyone done this before?

A:  As centralized, low-resolution enterprise platforms provide poor visibility into true network states, while only observing a modicum of telemetry. Path Network is designed to change this, bringing about a true solution for the modern web.

There is Traditional network monitoring and then there is a PATH. How do you stand out?

A: Traditional network monitoring remains an industry ripe for disruption. On the business user side, the incentive to switch to Path Network is gaining access to a cost-effective, high resolution, robust suite of monitoring services. The Path Network is thoroughly superior to traditional data monitoring in all respects.

What is the problem you are seeking to solve, and how are you solving it?

A:  Path Network provides substantial assistance to companies by providing their websites with unprecedented global coverage and invaluable insight into a website, application, and network uptime and performance.

How is that making that a lesser problem for average consumers?

A: Uptime monitoring is not a simple binary function of connection vs. non-connection. Several qualitative and quantitative data points must be monitored and relayed efficiently in real-time to clients whenever degradations or interruptions occur. For instance, in a situation regarding delayed service or site access, it is possible that it is not the users’ service provider or router causing the connection issue, but instead, the issue may be at the Web Host or Cloud Service Provider that service utilizes. Conversely, the problem could be reversed, and the Web Host or Cloud Service Provider (CSP) is fully functional, while the user’s service provider is throttling their connection in relation to bandwidth usage caps or post-prior, Net-Neutrality Repeal restrictions on streaming services.

As young entrepreneurs, what is your day-to-day like? What are your big challenges and how are you addressing them?

A: Path Network’s competition relies on expensive data centers or requires nodes to run their services on peer to peer VPN which opens them up to possible complications. Path Network’s decentralized approach offers better network insights at a lower cost. This unique paradigm gives Path Network a competitive edge previously unseen in this space, raising quality while reducing overhead.

Can you explain what the  Network Monitoring Market is actually about?

A: Downtime problems are often hard to pinpoint and it can take months before providers realize there is an issue within a certain region. Therefore, uptime monitoring is an absolute must for any company that wishes to maintain a worldwide online presence which, in the digital age, is virtually all companies. The global IT Infrastructure Monitoring Market is likely to reach a market value of US$ 34.1B by 2024.

How do you manage your team given you have folks in China, Australia, and the United States?

A: Communication is key at Path, with employees from all around the globe, we all unite globally in an asynchronous and sophisticated manner.

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