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Q&A With Serial Entrepreneur & Inventor: James M. Crumb, Jr.



James M. Crumb Jr.

SPORTIECUPS is the invention of serial entrepreneur, JAMES M. CRUMB, JR and CRUMBS VENTURES. It is more than a cup, more than a symbol of sports teams, the cup is a symbol of freedom and the power of second chances. Designed by sketches as he served six years of an 80-year prison sentence, the cup is a symbol of HOPE. Against all odds, his prison conviction was overturned by the Colorado Supreme Court. His dream to manufacture a product relating to sports was only a part of the package. Each “no” he received only fueled his need to succeed, and there were many “no’s” for a convicted felon. His dream was not a selfish bid for power, but a dream of building an empire where everyone could have a second chance. A man of faith, he knew that he was to lead the broken, the hopeless to success and employment no matter what their background.  SPORTIECUPS is designed to harness America’s love of sports and to build a foundation for employment for Americans still able to dream of the American Dream. He wanted to instill in them “The Audacity of Hope”.  His faith gave him the power to overcome all odds as the cups inspired the will to win.

What inspired you to invent SPORTIECUPS?

Sports have been an integral part of my life since youth, playing every sport that required a ball and I continue as an avid sports fan. Being a serial entrepreneur, I’ve always envisioned manufacturing and distributing my own brand of products. My experience has taught me that College and Professional Sporting fans are an enthusiast and sporting events are guaranteed attendance/participation and endless food & beverage consumption. Sports are a great way to plan a fun group game day and for fans to don their favorite team representation. Hence, SPORTIECUPS was conceived. With the objective to cater to a unique and specific product to enhance the memory and experience of attending a game or gathering with affordable memorabilia sporting concessions cup.

What are your plans for the future of your company?

We are in the process of expanding to worldwide eCommerce distribution fall 2018. While dual marketing for Professional & College arena/stadium presence in football, basketball, baseball, soccer & fast food markets. Creating economic development and “lifting up the least of us” with employment opportunities.

James M. Crumb, Jr.

What challenges have you faced both as an inventor & entrepreneur?

Challenging is an understatement when developing a vision (product) from sketches-to prototypes-to-production/distribution. Through diligence, perseverance and continuing to invest in our visions, products & dreams. Tortoise steps have mounted to leaps and bounds. I look at life’s experiences seeing the “glass half full”, NOT “half empty”. Even when it’s painful and it seems like all odds are against us, I’ve received it as a strengthening exercise. Humbly I continue to learn in regards to marketing, manufacturing and distributing a product in established markets. NOT EASY, even with a product as appealing as SPORTIECUPS.

What advice can you give young entrepreneurs and/or inventors?

There will be occurrences when you’ll feel ostracized, even when you know your product or idea is viable. Prepare for those infamous questions, how many have you sold or simply who are you? Stars don’t struggle to shine, rivers don’t struggle to flow… remember you may struggle but you will excel, believe in your products/ideas, and it shall be well with you.

For those interested in more information about SPORTIECUPS how are we able to contact you?

Crumbs Ventures, 8705 Colesville Road, Suite 302, Silver Spring Maryland, 20910. Email:, Phone:301.799.8996

Rachel Dares is a Former Newscaster | Columnist | Radio Host | President of Rachel Dares PR