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Ricky Carruth teaches us how fear is one of the main ingredients to the recipe for success



Ricky Carruth teaches us how fear is one of the main ingredients to the recipe for success

When Ricky Carruth dove into the real estate market at twenty years old, it only took him eight months to get his first sale. After that, the market exploded and he became a self-made millionaire overnight by twenty-three. Ricky was on top of the world until the real estate market crashed in 2005. By 2007, Ricky was bankrupt, sleeping on friends couches and sometimes even in his car. During that time, he was roofing houses and eventually found a job on an oil rig in Mississippi. In 2008, he got laid off and decided to get back into real estate and by 2014, he was selling over one hundred properties per year and became the #1 RE/MAX agent in Alabama. He has since then closed over one hundred deals every year since as a single agent and is still going. He has hit the #1 RE/MAX agent in Alabama two more times and is now going for his fourth year in the number one spot.

In 2017, Ricky decided he had something to share with the world of real estate and decided to write two books. He self-published them and started speaking, writing, and coaching to agents all over the world. He has become the very first, completely free real estate coach in the world with over 22,000+ agents in his program with thousands of testimonials, over 32K+ subs on YouTube, 150K+ on Instagram, 50k+ downloads a month on his podcast and speeches booked all over the world. All of this, while still selling at the highest level. What makes Ricky different is that most coaches don’t sell, they just coach. They also charge. What Ricky does is free.

“I am on a huge mission to reduce the failure rate in the real estate industry one agent at a time, and it is working. Agents in my program tell me all the time how they were about to quit until they found me,” he shares.

Ricky’s motivation is at the highest level, motivating him each step of the way. He grew up in Gulf Shores, Alabama in a blue-collar family. He came from nothing and learned the definition of hard work from both of his parents. He also learned how to handle the pressure of running a business because both of his parents were business owners. By the time he was a teenager in high school, he had already started roofing houses with his father. In high school, he was an award winning artist, musician, and football player. He graduated with a full paid scholarship to Missouri Valley. After one year, he transferred to the University of Alabama and pursued a degree until his life took a turn to the real estate world.

The biggest obstacle he has had to overcome was overcoming the real estate market crash and getting back up on his feet. After restarting his career from the ground up and reevaluating his mistakes, Ricky learned to not be afraid of fear and instead uses it to his advantage and personal growth. He believes his mindset is 90% of the game.

“Fear is one of the main ingredients to the recipe for success. Without fear and rejection, you cannot and will not succeed. If you do not face your fears, you are extremely selfish,” he says. 

After dominating the real estate sales business, and managing to successfully stay at the top, Ricky is focused on dominating the real estate coaching business. He is working on his third book that is set to publish late next year and has revised his 90 day action plan for his coaching students.

What inspired Ricky to enter the real estate and coaching world was his sheer desire to be the best in the world. Not for money or fame, he just wanted to be the best, and that is exactly what he is doing. He has been able to dominate every field he is in because he believes in helping people more than making money. His true mission is sharing his knowledge and expertise with the hopes of uplifting others to do the same.

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