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Robert Grigore: Offering Quick, Real-time Solutions for CEOs and Entrepreneurs



Robert Grigore

According to Inc., 90% of CEOs all over the world suffer from a huge fear of failure as they have to face multiple challenges everyday, such as paving the path for the company, making sure profits go up, costs come down, and share prices stay solid. Thus, the fear rises exponentially from trying to be good at every aspect of the company.

Similarly, entrepreneurs, who have a reputation for diving head-first into untested waters, carry a huge burden on their shoulders – which is often the burden of their own expectations. Be it trying to bring about innovative solutions or simply trying to hire the right people to assist them, the stress levels an individual goes through is bound to take a toll on the entrepreneur’s health.

There are very few people who understand the pain of these beings, and one of them is Robert Grigore, the founder of Grigore Counselling

Robert is a certified EMDR therapist and is also the author of the famous book ‘You Need Therapy’.

Robert uses a unique mix of EMDR processing and coaching sessions to discover and manage the grass-root level needs of his clients – and his approach works!

“Having been through the torture of living a ‘double-life’, I perfectly understand what these individuals go through everyday,” Robert said. “EMDR therapy helped me greatly, but it was still time consuming and I know people at such high posts cannot spare so much time, so I came up with the idea of accelerated EMDR therapy which has proven to be a quick and effective solution for CEOs and entrepreneurs to save their time and achieve their goals simultaneously,” he added.

What makes Robert’s approach unique is not only the accelerated program, but rather his belief that clients should not be satisfied with merely coping with their problems – they need to eliminate those problems completely. This is why Robert’s accelerated EMDR therapy focuses on the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Over 30 years of research into EMDR treatment has concluded the approach is effective, which is echoed by many professionals who practice this form of therapy as well as those who teach it. Although often faster than talk therapy, it can still be time-consuming. 

For professionals who cannot commit to weekly sessions for 6 to 12 months or more, Robert’s accelerated EMDR therapy can give you a new positive outlook and your best self in just 3 days. This makes it immensely attractive for CEO’s and entrepreneurs to fly in on a business trip or personal weekend retreat and return to the helm of their company as the best version of themselves. Grigore Counselling offers a range of retreat-specific options under their signature umbrella service: “One and Done – Total Immersion Package”.  

The One and Done – Total Immersion Package includes 15-hours of premium EMDR treatment, broken over three days. This helps participants let go of their emotional stress and psychological burdens in just a weekend only. 

Grigore Counselling’s One and Done – Total Immersion Package is like a detoxifying program that helps channel negative emotions and stressors out of the body and into thin air. If you want to equip yourself with the right mental tools to accomplish certain tasks, want long-lived, effective fixes to your problems, or do something as simple as eliminate your stress reactions, the One and Done – Total Immersion Package is the right option for you. 

Through the program, Robert aims to help his clients eliminate their most uncomfortable feelings and emotions, and their negative thoughts and beliefs, which can include the fear of failure in professional life, feeling overwhelmed due to many responsibilities, being overly critical of one’s self, and being unable to maintain work-life balance which ultimately results in relationships being sabotaged.

In his book, You Need Therapy, Robert talks about the value of putting yourself first and addressing your needs before trying to help someone else. Negative responses to events in life come from negative core beliefs that are a result of overwhelming experiences from your past that have now shaped how you view the world and your place in it. Without properly processing these past events, you are bound to continue repeating the same patterns from the past. 

“If you want to make a change, you NEED therapy. And if you want to make a real change you NEED EMDR therapy. If you NEED to make a change NOW, you NEED the One & Done – Total Immersion package.” – Robert Grigore

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