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Robert Lawson Jr. Shares Secrets to Acquiring a Winning Mindset



Life is a complex combination of detours, pitfalls, victories, and successes that ultimately shape the character and direction of any person. These experiences strongly influence the decisions that people make, their choices, and even their dreams for the future. Entrepreneur Robert Lawson Jr. has had his share of detours, disappointments, breakthroughs, and success, and his life has been nothing but inspiring as he found his real purpose and the meaning of life. Today, he shares his personal secrets and journey to teach people how to develop a winning mindset despite challenging times.

Robert Lawson Jr. is collating all of his life experiences that led him to become the fulfilled and happy family man that he is today. These are also the same experiences that inspired him to finish a college degree after dropping out of three colleges, build, grow, and scale 12 different companies, and run his own multi-six-figure finance company. Of the many things he has accomplished for himself and his loved ones since he had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, he is mostly proud of his Mindset and Business Coaching company and his upcoming courses, The Winning Mindset Series and The Winning Business Mindset Series.

In these courses, Robert Lawson Jr. will touch on sensitive topics that people need to hear about today, including anxiety, self-worth, building one’s confidence, and real love. He will also discuss experiences in his past when he had to come to terms with deserving all the successes he achieved, both in business and in love. At the end of the day, he has found deep joy in reaching out to help other people and empower them to pursue their dreams no matter how challenging it may seem at first glance. 

“Success for me is getting the most out of each day and taking steps in the direction of fulfilling my personal legend,” Robert Lawson Jr. explains. “This year will be ten years of marriage for me, and I have three amazing children. My health is well, and I have the opportunity all around me. Success for me is not just a financial goal; it is making sure my health, marriage, spiritual health, relationship with family, and the value I offer the world is the best I have to offer. Each day I try to do something to improve the present, and If I do that, I secure a better future. I enjoy my life, and I am grateful for where I am, but like any plant, life is about growth,” he adds. 

Through his new initiative, he hopes to connect with people who seem to be struggling to figure out things in life. It can be the single person who remains unemployed or the married couple trying to create a better life for their children. Robert Lawson Jr. feels compassion for those who are trying to find their place in the world, their voice, their real purpose, and their meaning. Once upon a time in his life, he was that person, too. 

After finishing his college degree, he landed a sales position that made $50,000 a year. After a year of hustling in that position, he was promoted to a junior account position in the financial sector. The years that followed paved the way for his career growth, from becoming team leader to Chief Sales Officer. He was already earning multiple six-figures a year. He grew steadily from running a team composed of more than 50 sales representatives to creating systems and wearing multiple hats as a corporate leader. He was also able to help two companies exceed seven figures each month.

After nine fruitful and irreplaceable years in the corporate world, Robert Lawson Jr. decided it was time to shift from being an employee to being an employer. He now runs a successful finance company and sees himself developing a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs by teaching them how to acquire the most important mindset of all. 

Learn more about Robert Lawson Jr. by visiting his website. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for updates on his latest projects. 

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