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Sharaya Maples – A Public Speaker, Life Strategist, and Co-Founder of Team Rebalance



Sharaya Maples

Front desk jobs and serving coffee as a barista was what Sharaya Maples did before she was introduced to Network Marketing. Sharaya always knew that she wanted to make an impact that could help people move into a different, positive direction and remind them that they are not alone in this world, however, she still did not know what would allow her to do so, as well as find financial independence at the same time. So, what changed? How did she go from a front desk job to being a co-founder, public speaker, and a life strategist? Well, it was her desire to be fulfilled personally and professionally, as well as help other people achieve the same thing.

When Sharaya finished high school, she struggled with staying fit and the stress of working a full-time job while going to college took a big toll on her mental and physical state. Due to her job, she lived on empty calories and coffee, and she increasingly did not feel happy in her own skin. That is when she decided to try and change her poor diet choices at the gym five days a week, however, she did not see a major improvement, but rather a little one.

When she was 21, she decided to try Isagenix products – which is premium nutrition backed by science that produce results you can’t get anywhere else – and she noticed within a few days that she had increased energy levels. At last, Sharaya had the mental clarity to support her goals, and she decided that she wanted to slim down before her wedding day. She successfully lost 25 pounds and she dropped three dress sizes in the process, however, she continued making good daily decisions that improved her overall health, as well as kept the 25 pounds she lost off.

Sharaya often states that she would be perceived as a person that is focused on creating a larger impact on the world by providing more value to the people. And as we all know, people do sometimes have a subtle or overpowering desire to make their lives better. Whether that comes in the form of growing personally, spiritually, professionally, emotionally, or financially. Those are the areas that Sharaya focuses on. She wants to provide value to people while, at the same time, creating content and imagery that is inspiring and attention-grabbing to other people.

When asked what her successes she achieved she listed these successes as her most cherished ones:

  1. Being an Author and Philanthropist
  2. Having an 8-Figure Sales Organization
  3. Being a Keynote Speaker
  4. #1 Income Earner Globally under the age of 26, as well as
  5. Empowering Women to Step into their Greatness through Mindset Mentorship

Currently, she works at a company that she co-founded – Team Rebalance. She leads over 30.000 individuals in accomplishing their wellness and health goals by offering them solutions that work for people of all ages and walks of life. Sharaya loves focusing on her relationship with her customers and impacting communities through team contribution, as well as leading personal and business development programs. Sharaya does all this by engaging with her audience on her social media platforms, as well as social media marketing.


As you can see, Sharaya managed to fulfil her dream of helping other people by using her will power and herself as an example for people. She managed to leave her old self behind and she created something that was her dream life – to help people from all walks of life feel confident in the skin they’re in.

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