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Special-ed Student to Super CEO



Brian Goldstein, CEO and operator of multiple LLC companies

Brian Goldstein, an entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California, has seen many successes throughout his career. As the owner and operator of multiple LLC companies, such as Cup Gang, Rx Unlimited, FBG Group, Tip Top Tickets, and more, he has gained traction in the business world. Through these endeavors, Goldstein has developed his knowledge in the field of business and has now started offering his professional advice and guidance to other young entrepreneurs through his consulting company, BrianGoldPhd, LLC. 

His idea for the creation of this company came after he coached a couple of close friends through their business struggles. Goldstein successfully increased his friends’ income from $80,000 per year, to a couple million per year and soon after, realized that this process was natural for him and something he wanted to pursue. In 2014, he began to offer his mentoring services to a broader range of people. When he wasn’t operating the several other companies he owned at the time, he would consult with clients and work with them to improve their situations, free of charge. Following even more successes with these clients, Goldstein chose to create his company BrainGoldPhd, LLC and expand his reach to people all over the country. 

He now markets his mentoring services through his Instagram page, @briangoldphd, and by word of mouth. As a business and life coach, Goldstein pushes his clients to their limits and guides them to reach their full potential. Each situation is different, and Goldstein personalizes his services to fit every clients’ needs. From the first direct message to the monthly coaching meetings, Goldstein offers a unique, personal experience to each student, coaching them towards success. He prides himself on his students’ prosperity and offers money-back-guarantees if any client is not happy after their first month of service. 

As Goldstein continues to gain a broader client base, he hopes to transition to mentoring full time, helping people grow their companies and reach their potential. Through the development of this company, Goldstein also hopes to start conducting seminars and doing speeches for over 5,000 people at a time. He truly enjoys helping people maximize their capabilities and showing them the good in themselves, even when they struggle to see it. Through his coaching and mentoring tactics, Goldstein can help you get your life and company on track in just a few months’ time. With a breadth of personal experience and a passion for the business world, Goldstein is well-equipped to turn your struggles into a great success. 


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