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Staying on Track and Taking Control as a New Entrepreneur



Staying on Track and Taking Control as a New Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs need to keep a lot of plates spinning when embarking on a new venture. Even if you consider yourself to be good at multitasking, it is always possible to get sidetracked and distracted or find that you are veering off your intended course.

Those who are new to entrepreneurship are especially susceptible to these issues. So how can you follow the best path and remain at the helm? Here are a few pieces of advice that should help.

Entrepreneurs need to keep a lot of plates spinning when embarking on a new venture. Even if you consider yourself to be good at multitasking, it is always possible to get sidetracked and

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Focus On Achievable Goals

It might seem obvious, but unless you have a game plan for your fledgling business venture which is actually realistic, it may be hard to retain control. With a sensible set of targets in hand, finding your focus and avoiding unfruitful avenues will be a breeze.


An important part of this is also keeping things simple. Having a vast, sprawling list of goals or a plan that spans page after page is not conducive to early success. Limiting yourself to a single page to outline your aims can be far more fruitful.


Seek Inspiration From Experts

Becoming an entrepreneur can be a surprisingly lonely pursuit, especially if you are struggling to gain traction and having a hard time remembering why you got started in the first place.


You can often improve your outlook and change your perspective by listening to the wise word of those who have gone before you and forged their own path to success. Sites like Foundr offer these excellent nuggets of guidance from some of the biggest names in the business. Take a peek in your darkest moments to pull yourself back towards an upbeat, optimistic outlook.


Harness Social Media

There are regular debates about social media’s role in the modern world, but from an entrepreneur’s perspective, there are few more effective tools for putting products, services, and brands into the collective consciousness of modern consumers.


Effective social media use will open up doors and offer up opportunities for your business that might have otherwise remained inaccessible.


Embrace Delegation

There are many management styles to consider adopting (you can pick up some of them in unusual places) as you steward your budding business in a decision-making role. Whatever type of entrepreneur you see yourself as the only way to truly take control without making compromises is to know when to delegate.


This may sound counter-intuitive, but if you surround yourself with employees that you trust to make the right decisions without needing to be micromanaged at every turn, you will reap the rewards in the long term.


Foster Collaboration

Being willing to delegate responsibilities within your business is just as important as being able to collaborate with others and being open to opinions other than your own. Just because you are ultimately responsible for the direction your business takes does not mean that you and you alone should make all the decisions without any third party input.


Being at the heart of a collaborative workplace can help you to pursue the most innovative lines of inquiry, develop the best products and services and grow more quickly than your rivals that are less flexible in their approach.


Step Back

If you spend day after day with your head buried in the business of keeping your firm afloat, you might be missing some of the bigger picture elements that could be crucial but will remain overlooked.


Stepping back does not mean stepping down; take a break, head on a short vacation, spend time with friends and family and allow yourself to ruminate on your work without being up to your neck in it. This will not only lead to sparks of inspiration but will also give you the opportunity to return refreshed and reinvigorated. It’s good for your body and mind.


Outsource If Necessary

If you simply do not have the internal resources to handle the amount of work that needs to be done to push your entrepreneurial endeavors forwards, choosing the shoulder all of the extra work yourself is senseless. Instead, you need to be willing to outsource if it makes sense, especially if you might be overloading yourself or making compromises in other areas.


The rise of superfast connectivity has made it easy to outsource almost any aspect of running a business, from writing copy to managing customer support and hosting. This is excellent news for small but growing firms that do not want to be restricted as they expand.


Master Your Finances

So many entrepreneurs fall short of achieving their dreams because they forgot to keep tabs on the money side of managing a business. Even if your idea is unique and your ambition equaled by your talent, unless you can balance the books and keep cash flowing, disaster will surely strike.


Accurately assessing how much cash you will need to keep your venture in good shape is tricky but essential. There is little room for mistakes and once again, being realistic rather than overly optimistic is always the best way to stay in control and on track.


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