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Steven Basalari: An Online Business Insider Sharing His Insight on Kickstarting Your Business



Steven Basalari

Steven Basalari is an Italian entrepreneur born on November 9, 1992, professionally active in the nightlife, entertainment, and digital marketing industry. From an early age, he was introduced to business by his father, who has founded many discos in Italy since the 80s. His mother maintains a large restaurant and a wine cellar in northern Italy. This entrepreneurial family encouraged him to try hard and grab opportunities to build up a meaningful career. When he turned 20, he was handed over the management of the iconic “Number One” disco that has operated since 1978. It is currently the location of the largest restaurant in Italy. Bringing on the stage and the decks, famous singers and DJs like 6ixnine, Farruko, Rich the Kid, Gunna, Alesso, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, Axwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Bob Sinclar, and many others, counts among his earliest achievements. Soon after, he opened his own discos named Kacao and Qi clubbing, respectively.

 Trips to Hong Kong, Miami, Dubai, Shanghai, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and other cities, forged and strengthened his global connections, as well as led him to the conclusion that he had to diversify his business. Expanding to online sales (international e-commerce) and social media management, Steven realized the importance of the right contacts and previous experience. It all started while he was browsing through Instagram stories for new business ideas. The message of a then 16-year old boy known as SAMI Baid caught his attention that led to a meeting and triggered the creation of a new company. Steven set up a dream team targeting excellent performance, and soon his company took off. Offering his great journey as an example, he now shares words of professional wisdom with other people through his new “Drop Evolution” course, an A to Z guide on how to kickstart an online business with potential and worldwide scalability. The unstoppable, hard-working young entrepreneur is constantly evolving following market trends and thinking that there is still room for improvement.         

 For him, the key to success lies in teamwork. You need to recruit driven professionals whose goals align with yours, and the same applies to partnerships and other collaborations. As a person, you have to cultivate the right mindset and attitude, never get discouraged by external parameters and obstacles such as geography or harsh criticism. Living, for example, in a small remote village or around less supportive people, cannot be the only factor defining your success. People tend to judge based on the result, while the most critical element is how you got there. Nothing is unattainable. Success is a state of mind, something beyond specific talents and abilities. “Never give up;” this is the motto you need to carry with you always. You will only fail if you decide to quit. Steven includes it in his written guide to self-esteem and unbreakable confidence. A winning mentality is essential.

 Discussing competition, he explains that the magnitude and impact of personal branding can help you make a difference in the industry; that’s why people are highly recommended to invest in it. When you bring real value to the table, customers trust you and follow you. The price tag of each service or product is often less relevant than its quality. The relationship with the customer is always one of mutual respect and trust. It works both ways. Steven learned through the process – even from his mistakes – that you are not allowed to underestimate others to boost your ego. Rather, you need to keep your feet on the ground, no matter how huge the success. He stayed humble even when he billed his first $500K in a month from his digital marketing and e-commerce. He channeled this sense of accomplishment towards his other business, being able to bring 6ixnine to perform in his club (the artist’s only date in Italy).     

 Steven and the Basalari family are all into an entrepreneurial mindset that applies within an array of contexts. Taking his digital marketing and e-commerce company to the next level will allow him to travel the world and conduct business internationally. Focusing on the present, he strategizes over his expansion. Work is fun for him, a natural extension of his life. He loves, among other things being a coach and a go-to consultant for those aspiring to meet their goals. His soon-to-launch online courses will provide you with tangible examples and advice. Training for your dream startup is of paramount importance.    


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