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Taking Bangladesh business to the world – Salman F. Rahman (সালমান এফ রহমান)



Taking Bangladesh business to the world - Salman F. Rahman (সালমান এফ রহমান)

The growth of Bangladesh since its independence has been cited as an example to different countries in terms of overall as well as industry-specific growth. Without a shred of doubt, it can be said that country exports and business sectors have been responsible for the improving annual figures. However, when it comes to the key aspects of industries, Salman F Rahman’s contribution continues to remain unparalleled.

Salman F Rahman started his business journey with his family inherited jute mill. With the help of his brother, the duo set up the mill to the extent of generating profits. However, the venture didn’t long last due to nationalization as Bangladesh attained independence in 1971.

In the successive year, he founded Beximco Group, an export company that deals in seafood. Instead of money, Salman F Rahman imported medicines of the deal’s cost so as to help the country’s need of meeting its pharmaceutical demands. This clearly reflected the alignment of the country’s growth with his vision.
Over the upcoming years, Beximco transformed itself into a large scale company. They began dealing in trade avenues of multiple industries like pharmaceuticals, textiles, ceramics, energy, real estate, etc. BexTex and Beximco Pharmaceuticals have been the substantial contributors in Bangladesh GDP for more than a decade. In addition, the latter is the only company from Bangladesh to be listed in the London Stock Exchange, which speaks volumes about the dynamic Bangladeshi businessman. The target countries of Beximco Pharmaceuticals include the US, Europe, Canada, etc.
Apart from his role at Beximco Group, he has also served in varying leadership capacities at multiple institutions. From 19994 to 1996, he was the head of Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industries (FBCCI). Currently, he is the Director of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission. AB Bank was established with the partnership of Rahman brothers and Dubai-based Galadari Brothers in 1982.
One of the leading businessmen in Bangladesh, Salman F Rahman has used his hard work, perseverance, and dedication to contribute his maximum potential in achieving the Vision 2021. With the efforts of leaders like Rahman, Bangladesh has been able to enhance its global footprint in multiple industries and emerged out to be as a country accelerating on the road of development.