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The Anatomy of Success: Interview with Digital Marketing Guru, Carlos Garcia



Carlos Garcia

If you’ve ever seen a 6-year-old kid with an entrepreneurial spirit, you’d be super amazed. 

Their energy, creativity and relentless hard work draws you in and leaves you admiring their ambitious spirit, wishing you could get a projection into their future to see what kind of person they will grow up to be.

But what if this was possible, or at the very least, what if you were able to read about their growth?

Recently, I got the chance to meet Carlos Garcia, a serial entrepreneur and digital marketing guru who has been bubbling with the entrepreneurial spirit ever since he was a kid.

In this interview, Carlos Garcia took us on a journey from his creative and ambitious early years to his fun and free adult lifestyle in which is filled with working from wherever he has access to wifi and jet-setting across the country!


Who is Carlos Garcia?

Carlos Garcia is a 28 years old entrepreneur and digital marketer. As a first-generation Dominican-American, Carlos Garcia grew up with two immigrant parents who were constantly working two to three jobs to make ends meet. According to him, “I was luckily unaware of how close to true poverty we were and I’m forever grateful to my parents who ensured I had a joyful childhood.”

As a kid, Carlos Garcia understood that if he wanted anything, he had to create a way to obtain it. With this mentality, Carlos had launched a variety of hustles, from small things like candy sales and craigslist flipping, to major EDM concerts and E-commerce. 

Carlos Garcia aims to impact the world through the emotion of smiling. According to him, “Before knowing who Roman Atwood even was, I woke up one morning and got a Smile More tattoo on my back, so that I can cause a smile, even when looking the other way.” 

Years after getting this tattoo, Carlos named his marketing agency “Smile More Business Solutions” where he strives to “help small business owners one smile at a time”.

Carlos currently owns and manages several business ventures which all revolve around digital marketing, E-Commerce, and Consulting. He travels often for work and pleasure, volunteers whenever he has the opportunity and goes to music festivals nationwide with his friends. Focusing on happiness.


Carlos Garcia on what inspired him to go into Digital Marketing

Carlos admitted to being quite techy while growing up. He was the kid in the family who’d fix everyone’s computers, download pirated software and remove viruses. So, when social media became a thing, Carlos was ready and enthusiastic about it.

After graduating from college, he landed an internship as Life in Color’s Social Media “Director” for the International Department. According to Carlos, “I felt like the luckiest adult kid ever. My job was to make sure kids around the world could find joy, find their smile.” 

But who wouldn’t, he was 23 years old and he was getting paid to use social media and promote music events around the world to make thousands of people smile.  

Despite having the time of his life, Carlos realized a few things: he wasn’t learning anything new, he had no opportunity to move up, and he had no opportunity to make more money. 

This was against everything he strived to be, he knew he was capable of more, he KNEW he was destined for more. To fix this, he realized that he needed to become more valuable by acquiring more knowledge and new skills. Carlos began to learn every aspect of digital marketing, enough to enable him to leave his current position and start a small marketing agency after only a year’s time.

Carlos Garcia’s passion for growth & freedom was the primary force that drove him into digital marketing. The digital nomad lifestyle seemed right up his alley, so he did whatever was necessary to achieve it.


Challenges faced by Carlos Garcia in his early stage of starting out and how he overcame those challenges

Carlos Garcia has been an entrepreneur all his life. According to him, “we are all indoctrinated to believe that once we complete school, we’ll be done learning forever and that’s plain wrong.” 

“After I went through over a year of Lynda courses and had practiced the many skill sets, I began working with a gym client. I believed I had actually made it. I had learned digital marketing and it was time for me to “do” digital marketing. Little did I know that in the digital marketing world, everything changes. SEO, Websites, Social Media, Google Ad Words, it all changes day-to-day. Soon, my knowledge pool was outdated and I became less effective. This was when I realized that I had to make a conscious effort to improve myself and do so constantly”

Carlos indicated that the key problem he’s seen in himself and others is the habit of focusing 100% on “doing” and giving no focus on improving (learning). 

To combat this, Carlos dedicates one hour each day to reading new articles, books and going through mastermind course works.

Carlos believes in investing in your time and education.


Carlos’s advice to anyone who is aiming to grow their online business

According to Carlos, “Presentation of who you are is everything. If you know how to carry yourself with confidence and project it accordingly, both in person and over digital communication, your chances of growing your online business increase tenfold.” 

If you’re uncomfortable with shaking someone’s hand or holding a conversation with someone for over 5 minutes, take the time to Google and learn how to improve your verbal and nonverbal mannerisms. If speaking on the phone scares you, learn and practice how to communicate and convey your message effectively.

Although our industry is online, we’re all still human. No matter the size of the business, the fact stands that people do business with people, not with businesses. If someone likes and trusts you, they will almost always buy into the product or service you’re providing. Improving your personal presentation & communication will always go the extra mile as a digital marketer.


Carlos’ favorite quote:

When asked what his favorite quote was, Carlos said,

“Find out what makes you happy. Fucking Get it.”

According to Carlos, the quote is simple, raw but powerful. Carlos believes in finding joy, no matter what it may be. It doesn’t matter how long it may take but finding what makes you happy is the most important mission you have.

You can find Carlos Garcia living his life to the fullest on Instagram: @Mr.RageRight