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The definition of success according to Anthony Napolitano



Anthony Napolitano

The youngest top earner in the network marketing industry is about to land in your city. And he is on a mission to teach you how to be rich. As young as twenty-five, Anthony Napolitano has already accomplished more than most people accomplish in a lifetime. 

Anthony Napolitano owns luxury cars, numerous property investments, and always on businesses or vacation travels. He has already hit top flyer status at two different airlines for reaching more than a hundred flights. Anthony is currently travelling the world to help others become financially healthy. He guides individuals to Make, Manage, and Save money on a daily basis. 

Anthony is a consistent leader and is always looking to innovate. And in order to reach more people, he uploads snippets of his talks online. These talks are situated in different places all over the world, in front of a million audiences of different ages, gender, or financial situations.  Anthony explains things as simple as possible so everyone can easily grasp his ways and concepts because he wants everyone to understand him. He is determined to reach millions of audience to help with financial stability, starting with managing money wisely and being debt-free. He is not particular about a person, for as long as you are determined to improve your financial situation, he will work with you.  Napolitano also shares motivational tips, highlights of his events and an overview of their product. And as innovative as he is, he and his company also provide Education, Technology, and Discount.

Anthony is also open about his personal life on social media. He is active in posting pictures on his Instagram. However, unlike most people his age, he is not just posting pictures of himself or a flat lay of his food. It’s a lot about his grand life. But he is not showing it all off to brag, but to inspire people to follow his financial ways and end up like him. This successful young man only used to be a full-time college athlete. A few of his teenage years were spent on sports, partying, games, and all fun. But as early as 18 years old, he was introduced to network marketing. He moved past all the teenage stuff and dedicated his life to his job. For him, it feels like he is an Entrepreneur his entire life. His innate work ethic, focus, consistency, and commitment immediately helped him make his way to the top.

But for Anthony, success is not just about having all the material things, but it’s impacting thousands of lives around the world and giving people a real opportunity to achieve the things they desire. Despite Anthony’s success, he still works hard, but not for himself but to help other people.

Anthony Napolitano is an inspiring example to show what can take place when someone truly commits. 

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine