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The Entrepreneurial Success Story of Steve Clayton



Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton is a successful entrepreneur and business owner who has a passion for the entertainment industry. A former college DJ turned his passion into a career and launched SoundSkilz, his own AV production company dedicated to the success of his clients’ event goals. Soundskilz is a full-service event production company specializing in major concerts, festivals, and corporate events. Since the successful launch of Soundskilz, Steve has scaled his business and is on top of his game. Clayton has not slowed down and continues to stay hungry. He is continuing to work on festivals and entertainment events including The Chalice Festival, The Happy Place Festival, and Reggae on Route 66. Steve has been busy putting these festivals together and booking major talent to headline each of these festivals.

Steve Clayton

These festivals would not be what they are today without the help of Steve Clayton. His contributions, connections and hard work have elevated these music and cannabis events to the next level. Steve has served the Chalice Festival by helping in their growth since they launched in 2015. Since he has been on board, and within the span of four years, Steve helped Chalice increase from 8,000 to over 40,000 attendees. He has booked major talents for the Chalice Festival including Migos, Machine Gun Kelly, Ice Cube and Wu Tang Clan. Another festival Steve is currently invested in is the Happy Place Festival. This festival launched for the first year on New Year’s Eve in 2016 and featured acts such as Post Malone, 21 Savage, Rae Sremmurd, D.R.A.M and more. In 2019, The Happy Place Festival is relaunching and Steve could not be more excited about it. He is currently booking some of today’s hottest acts and he knows that next year’s Happy Place Festival is going to be even bigger than it was in 2016. Steve is a busy man and on top of these other festivals, he is also working on the Reggae on Route 66 Festival! Reggae on Route 66 is an up-and-coming three-day festival that is taking place in the Inland Empire. This camping festival gives you an experience you will never forget as the camp is infused with headline entertainment, a classic car show, street art, and cannabis. You do not want to miss out on these festivals and an experience of a lifetime!


Steve has been highly successful in the cannabis space. Steve and his team work closely with law enforcement, venues, talent, and festival owners to encapsulate a safe, profitable, and free-flowing environment. There is a lot that needs to be done, but Steve’s ultimate goal is to keep the ball rolling with the cannabis space and festivals as he eventually wants to merge legal cannabis with festivals. He wants to “push the industry forward by making cannabis mainstream.” Steve knows that cannabis is often already a main part of the festival scene, and believes that the stigma of this drug being “bad” can be eliminated. Clayton eventually wants to see Cannabis Activation at mainstream festivals like Lightning in a Bottle and Life is Beautiful, not as competition, but as an addition to make the festival an even better experience for guests.


Relationship building and maintaining relationships is something Steve believes was a large key to his success, and he says that this is how he continues to remain successful. Steve believes that “the best way to maintain relationships is to be reliable. People want to continue to work with people who are hardworking, people who they trust, people who they like and people who are consistent and always follow through.” His biggest advice to others is always staying thirsty for learning and to never stop being willing to learn. He advises working for different scopes of a company to learn about every part of a company to network, while simultaneously receiving the best work-experience and get the advice you can from people inside the business.


With hard work and passion to keep him going, Steve has truly become an example of an entrepreneurial success story. He followed his love of the entertainment industry, set his sights high and completely executed his goals through hard work and dedication, and encourages you to do the same. What keeps Steve going is his “love for entertainment, [his] love for music and [his] love for the challenges and rewards of operating [his] own company.” Steve now uses his expertise to motivate others to never settle. He encourages others to follow their dreams and to never give up on their personal happiness or their futures. Steve wants to make sure that you know you can do anything you put your mind to. The only thing stopping you is yourself. Risk comes with great reward and it is always worth it.

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