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The Life Of Hollywood Celebrity Car Broker- RD Whittington Discusses Passion and His Future



The Life Of Hollywood Celebrity Car Broker- RD Whittington Discusses Passion and His Future

The man, the myth, and the legend- RD Whittington has proven himself to be the go-to celebrity car broker for some of Hollywood’s A-List celebrities and magnifying personalities. His name is synonymous with luxury and other than cars, he has a passion for aviation where he has his student pilot license, and he brokers deals for private jets and extravagant yachts.  He’s also been featured in the NY Times, TMZ and has even made an indirect appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show in which Kimmel mistakenly referred to Whittington’s 2015 La Ferrari as a Lamborghini.

Luxury Auto Collection has grown to be one of the most exclusive dealerships where celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, Chris Brown, Scott Disick, Taylor Swift, and Jamie Foxx have purchased some of the most exclusive, rare cars known to man. Selling millions of dollars worth of cars, people trust RD enough to wire money in an instant.

“My business is built on trust and providing exceptional customer service. You don’t get to work with celebrities or top executives without a track record of delivering results. I prioritize customer service because if my clients are happy, the money will come and they’ll continue to buy from me.”

Whittington, an alumnus from the prestigious Ritz Carlton Hospitality Management training program developed an eye for spotting and understanding buying habits of the wealthy. He’s available 24/7 because his clients are operating at different times throughout the day- mostly at night; if a client wants a new car, then he makes sure he answers his phone.

Social media has proven to be an asset to Whittington as people are spending several hours a day on Instagram and if they like what they see, they may buy the car in an instant and wire the money. Other than cars, RD has a passion for charity and giving back to others as he is involved with The LA Shriner’s Children’s Hospital and My Friend’s House.

“I enjoy spending time with kids and providing resources for the less fortunate, it puts things into perspective that no matter how tough things are, you always have to have a positive outlook at life. I am grateful that my work allows me to meet amazing people and I am able to continue making an impact using my business.”

Right now his focus is on building his personal brand and authority in the business world. Whittington revealed his plans to be more in the public eye and create marketing materials to expand his empire to attract clients globally. His goal? “When people think of luxury cars, they think of RD Whittington.”

Whittington’s advice for those that are looking to follow in his footsteps and work with celebrities one day? Passion. “You have to be passionate about what you do and I love cars so it works out perfectly, my life never feels like work. I get to meet amazing people and help them decide on their luxury purchases: whether it be a car, yacht or jet. If what you’re doing is something you don’t love, you can only sustain it to a certain extent before it starts feeling toxic and you end up miserable. Cars are in my DNA as my family has been involved in cars, my uncles were race car drivers and my grandfather owned a dealership in Arizona”

What’s next for Whittington? Other than continuing to expand his presence by opening a dealership in Beverly Hills near Wilshire Blvd, he’s working on an exclusive project with a popular streaming network. Travel and giving back is something that is close to his heart and something he will continue doing.