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The Many Talents of Augie Johnston: The Man Behind Vidchops



Augie Johnston

33-year-old Californian native, Augie Johnston, is a man of many talents. His latest endeavor Vidchops is a testament to just that. After successfully launching his own YouTube channel in the basketball niche, he decided to open up his own video editing service to facilitate and assist other content creators in improving their videos. Vidchops has gained significant traction in recent years and has amassed a client list of over 100 satisfied clients.

However, Vidchops is not the only entrepreneurial venture undertaken by Augie. Augie recounts that ever since he was a child, he had all the tells of becoming a successful businessman. In elementary school, he used to buy candy, mark it up, and sell it on the playground. In order to make some cash in high-school, he engineered a lucrative business selling burnt CDs to his school-mates. In addition to that, he mowed lawns, cleaned windows and did all the other generic “hustles” one does in their adolescence. Needless to say, Augie always had the inherent ability to recognize a good opportunity and to capitalize on it. Back in 2009, Augie was living in Germany, and in order to make ends meet, he decided to make money online. He recognized YouTube’s potential to become the leading video-sharing platform in the world. Therefore, Augie decided to fuse his passion for basketball with entrepreneurship, and upon the advice of his friend, he started his own YouTube Channel.

Augie carried out some research online and learned the intricacies and processes of running a successful YouTube channel. A few weeks later, Baller Boot camp, the ultimate online solution to perfect your basketball skills, was created. 300 videos later, Augie had grown his channel to more than 200,000 subscribers and had generated around 20 million views for his channel. He had a large online following and was even successful in creating a background business by growing an email list of over 50,000 people all from free YouTube traffic.  He sold over six figures worth of physical and digital products to that list. This very business landed him mega-corporate deals with multinational sporting goods powerhouses such as Nike and Adidas. Augie had finally actualized his dream of becoming a full-time entrepreneur and he was doing quite a decent job of it.

It was through his experiences from YouTube and content creation that he had the idea for Vidchops. After continuously producing and editing videos for his channel, Augie realized just how exhausting and tedious the whole process was. This was especially true if you had to upload your content on a regular basis, something which was essential if you wanted to maintain your traffic flow and increase your audience size. As a result, Augie found himself, more often than not, to be completely drained and overworked. There came a time when Augie had reached his lowest point and thus went a whole month without uploading a single video. This was the last straw, and in order to make the process easier for his own sake, Augie decided to outsource the editing part of his creative process to freelancers. However, this backfired immediately. Freelancing was a shaky business with many individuals delivering incomplete projects and others not being mindful of the deadline. Many of them charged exorbitant fees for a simple task even though their skills were definitely not worth the hefty price tag. Augie thus decided to take matters into his own hands and came up with the idea of Vidchops. The underlying theme behind Vidchops was to provide content creators and other video producers with an affordable yet quality solution to their editing needs. Vidchops promises a 48-hour delivery rate, allowing you to focus more on the “content” side of your creative masterpiece rather than fretting over the final tweaks you would have to make on while editing. Furthermore, the flat subscription rate is one of the standout features of Vidchops making it a reliable yet cost-effective alternative to other outsourcing avenues.

In addition to his entrepreneurial Moxy, Augie is also a former professional basketball player. In fact, basketball has always remained his foremost passion. A talented player, Johnston is a former Cal State Monterey Bay player. He graduated from CSUMB in 2009 with a degree in business, and due to the success he had in college Augie was able to gain interest from overseas basketball teams. He decided to move to Germany in 2009 and played 5 seasons there before finally concluding his European career in the first tier of the Luxembourg Basketball division. In his off-season, Augie kept himself busy by running basketball camps and working as a player development coach. In 2018, Augie returned to his alma mater, Atascadero High school, and formally took up coaching by assuming the role of the head coach for the school’s varsity basketball team.

Truly, a man of many talents, Augie currently plans on building his own in-house web app which helps clients and users to track and manage the progress of their uploads. Given the success of Vidchops, we can confidently predict that his future exploits will follow the same trajectory of success.

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