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The Power of Knowledge and Constant Reinvention with Jovanny Cenel



Jovanny Cenel

Maintaining a good credit score has its challenges; people tend to discredit the importance of keeping a good credit score. 1 out of 3 Americans has bad credit, an alarming statistic that shouldn’t be the norm in a country where its people should thrive on good credit. The people of the USA need credit to exercise their liberties. Everyone should be educated on financial matters, most especially the ways on how to leverage credit and repair bad credit scores.

The Credit Expert, Jovanny Cenel, didn’t always have a perfect credit score. Growing up, he had an abysmal credit score that nobody could ever believe. At the young age of 18, he ran his credit score to the ground by simply not knowing how to leverage credit the right way. He was making investments that didn’t make an ounce of sense, he thought those investments were doing him any good, but they definitely weren’t. He got a “Personal Loan” of almost $80,000 through “Creative Financing,” the average 19-year-old American couldn’t even get a $1000 loan. After burning his credit score to the ground and running it downhill, Jovanny made a commitment to himself to repair his credit and not be too naïve to leverage bad debt.

Jovanny Cenel stumbled upon an online credit repair course and decided to take it out of his personal commitment. It was then that he knew that his life would finally change for the better. He eventually repaired his credit by applying what he learned in the duration of the credit repair course and eventually offered to help his friends and family with their credit for free.

It was only a matter of time until Jovanny Cenel would eventually dominate the credit repair industry, and so he did. Eventually branching off to the financial side of credit, he aggressively sought learning materials about “Credit Acquisition” and eventually mastered it as well. Constantly learning and constantly applying what he has learned, Jovanny Cenel then established Centurion Score, his very own credit repair agency.

And surely enough, his business is booming now more than ever. People are flocking to get good credit scores so they could get loans at 0% to get through this “recession” cycle, entrepreneurs that also want to build or expand their businesses are seeking good credit scores to get even better loan deals. Jovanny Cenel fully utilizes his online presence and influence to help people who are in a tight financial situation, just like how he was before.

Jovanny has taken it upon himself to help people restore their credit so they can exercise their liberties and just simply be able to get through any recession cycle unharmed. He firmly believes in the old saying that “Knowledge is Power” he constantly asks himself if the current knowledge he has is correct, which is why he is constantly reinventing himself and making sure that the closest people in his life are changing with him for the better.

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