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The Rise of Kush Papi



The Rise of Kush Papi

This talented young comedian has been gaining quick notoriety in the social media ecosystem, amassing over 1 million followers just this past year. Many of you may already know who he is by either seeing one of his skits or hearing him featured in a song by your favorite rapper, but if you haven’t I strongly urge you to check out Kush Papi on his Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and SnapChat! Kush Papi strives to make his family, friends, and fans inspired to follow their dreams while creating unique and relatable comedy skits every week that keep us all laughing and entertained. With no plans or signs of slowing down, this young talented comedian is on track to becoming a household name. Kush Papi is working towards his goal of being in movies as well as television shows such as Saturday Night Live and other skit comedy structured programs while still creating more content we all know and love, growing his business, and making music with artists like GHerbo. Kush Papi is the comedic persona you never knew you needed on your timeline. With the same amount of followers as comedians like Joe Rogan and Chris D’Elia, he is soon to be the next household comedian all around the world. By looking up to people like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, his work ethic and artistic talents have allowed him to achieve success in both the professional and entertainment atmospheres, putting him on track to reach his goal.

Kush Papi was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois by his Italian parents. He and his siblings had a love for creating videos and skits for their friends and family to try and make them laugh or happy. It wasn’t until recently he decided to bring his passion for creating art and making people laugh to social media and it wasn’t long after he became popular all over the world, quickly gaining over a million followers! By bringing an original and new style of skit comedy, his posts began going viral soon after beginning to post them, the most popular being his conversational pieces about relationships and other important aspects of life. Popular platforms such as WorldStar began to post his content which leads to the true beginning of the Kush Papi persona. He began to do collaborations with other popular social figures such as; The Rock, Supreme Patty, The Real Tarzan, and Johnathan Cheban [FoodGod]. With a tenacious work ethic, Kush Papi continues to deliver original and hilarious content each week, leaving everyone waiting and wanting more. This coupled with his positive messages, and goals larger than life, he was able to recently partner with Welch’s Juice Company to help grow his persona and message to millions more around the world. Kush Papi looks forward to partnering with many more companies in the future as well as doing collaborations with other actors and artists.

If you aren’t already following Kush Papi on any of his social media platforms, we all urge you to join and be a part of his ride to the top. If positivity, happiness, and creativity give your life muse, Kush Papi is the perfect recipe for you. Through his success, he has gained a plethora of knowledge in which he works with and helps many small companies get off the ground and running. By gaining a positive reputation throughout the professional and entertainment matrices, it won’t be long before we are watching Kush Papi on Saturdays or during the week on Wild N Out.

Sean Kelly is the president of Jersey Champs, one of the largest jersey companies in North America. Sean Kelly is a public speaker advocating for young entrepreneurs to pursue business opportunities in America.