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The Story Behind One of Europe’s Most Influential Digital Content Creators, Joseph Rubelli



Joseph Rubelli is a London based digital content creator, marketing strategist, and influencer marketing coach.

He is the host of A Cup Of Jo, a podcast where he shares tactical insight and strategies to build a profitable online business with like-minded creators, entrepreneurs, and industry insiders. All this is done over a cup of coffee.

Joseph has shown us that influence comes from quality content and not from followers!

Brewing passion

Joseph’s passion for podcasting and mass communication dates a few years back. 

When Joseph was an 18- year-old, he was handpicked amongst a batch of highly talented individuals, to host a local lifestyle show in Venice, Italy.

This doesn’t come off as a surprise due to Joseph’s unique way of interacting with people both physically and over the radio. Soon enough, he became a fan favorite.

For Joseph, what started as a fun side hustle soon became a full-time job. The producers decided to extend the show’s runtime from thirty minutes to a mind-blowing two hours.

Sadly, due to some changes made by the producers, Joseph’s show was canceled two years after its first episode went live.

During its run, Joseph’s show received critical acclaim.

It was excellent, and a lot of people loved it! But when the producers decided to change the show’s structure, Joseph was ready for a new challenge. 

Joseph stepped out of the world of mass communication for a while and took a completely different career path in another city, London.

In London, Joseph worked for several organizations in the fashion industry, such as Vivienne Westwood, Harrods, and Lancer Skincare.  He took on National Account and Business Development Manager roles.

It wasn’t until two years ago that Joseph decided to leverage his skills in marketing into his business, he started as a content creator and Influencer then he ventured into coaching influencers and Started Ups on social media marketing strategies and monetizing their online activities.

What sparked the idea?

“A cup of Jo’ was created to empower and encourage young entrepreneurs to discover their zone of genius by sharing step by step strategies, ideas, and tips on how to build a profitable online brand. 

The idea of a podcast popped into my mind when I listened to a podcast session on my phone, which focused on lifestyle; I yearned for a podcast that combined both the lifestyle and business industry.

Back then, my friend was also launching her podcast, and due to my background in radio, I thought that starting a podcast was the perfect fit. I wanted my online community to get to know me better.” – Joseph explains

Joseph saw this as an opportunity to share his view with a new audience in a format that was friendly and laid-back. With this, Joseph could serve his community in the most valuable and resourceful way.

That’s how A Cup Of Jo came to life. 

Everyone is good at something, and sometimes they forget that a crazy idea can turn into a fantastic business.” – Joseph.

Managing the stress of running a podcast

So much planning is involved in each episode of A Cup Of Jo, and Joseph takes care of every detail.

Whether it’s getting in touch with the guests, arranging and recording the interviews, or contacting the sponsors.:

“I took two weeks off social media during the summer, and if you haven’t done this yet, you might want to consider it, as it gives you a complete recharge! Working online means you don’t only produce content; you also consume tons of content too. With that being said, taking a break from your phone is necessary.” – Joseph says.

Handling the success

A Cup Of Jo had a highly successful first season with it being top rated on Itunes and Spotify, and Joseph is currently working on a new season, which will be aired towards the end of the year.

He’s changed the lives of many entrepreneurs; he’s also gained a lot of wisdom from the guest that has been featured in his show. The amount of value he has added to his community is immeasurable.

The Interview

I got to sit down with Joseph, and we had a pleasant conversation regarding his journey so far, and how his brand is helping you, entrepreneurs discover their real purpose. here’s our chat

Why a podcast and not another radio show?

I’ve hosted a radio show before, and it was a great experience. However, I knew podcasting would have been an excellent fit for my purpose.

Podcasting works best when your goal is to communicate with a niche and not a more extensive range of audiences.

Listeners go on platforms such as Itunes and Google podcast to learn about specific topics, whether the radio is mainly for mass appeal.

How do you currently describe your business?

I am a digital marketing expert. I coach small businesses and content creators to maximize digital opportunities with the right strategy. 

I built my brand through the Instagram platform. In two years, I was able to get over 40,000  followers. My audience consists of an extremely loyal community that loves my content and unique way of storytelling. 

I also attribute consistency and authenticity to my success as an influencer, I show up daily and discuss more on my struggles and how I handle the obstacles that come my way

How did you overcome the challenge of over saturation on social media?

Many people start their journey on social media to become Insta Famous that wasn’t, and it still isn’t my purpose. I knew I had a story to tell and i was looking for the right listeners 

I stopped comparing myself to other creators in my space and followed my path.

I decided to share my love for new cultures, knowledge, and fun times: I travel a lot, and I try to curate my content around this. But I do it elegantly.

What advice would you like to share with anyone who’s beginning their content creation journey?

Be yourself, have fun in the process, and focus on what works band is right about the platform over what sucks about the platform. 

Be proud of who you are and show it to the world. There are over 7 billion people on the planet, but there is only one you, you’re unique, don’t steal from yourself the opportunity for the world to see it. 

You’ll always feel fear and try to compare yourself with others when you’re starting. To cope with this, I suggest you Focus on strategy over statistics. Invest time and energy on meaningful and purposeful content that can serve your audience in the most authentic and unique way

I genuinely believe that is the key to building a foundation of long term influence even when Instagram doesn’t exist anymore. 

Social platforms go by the trend, but your community doesn’t. Truly connecting with your audience will help you build a community like that, no matter what platform you’re on!”

You don’t have to have thousands of followers to be an influencer, Creator, or monetize your influence. 

Ask yourself these questions ;


  1. What do I value as a business?
  2. What problem am I solving?
  3. What’s my ideal client?


Knowing your niche is crucial, but if you are starting is not easy. When you try to talk to everybody at once, you are talking to nobody at all. Engage with your community and find out what they want from you, and how can you help them?

The more you understand your ideal audience, the easier it is to overcome the saturated market concern.


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