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There Are Triple Threats and Then There’s Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV, Who Is a Category of His Own



Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV

The film and music industry is a hard industry to succeed in. There are so many rookies out there who want to make it big and get their name out. It’s an industry that requires hard work, patience, perseverance, a strong will, and complete belief in yourself. When you find yourself lacking any of those qualities, it will be hard to succeed in film and music.

But there are people out there who are the whole package. And one of them, undeniably, is Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV. Atlanta native Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV is an award-winning Liberian-American music artist, film director, producer, and actor. He is an artist with multiple talents, and he moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles, because every artist knows that LA is where dreams come true.

Tabiyus is now an emerging force within the Los Angeles entertainment industry, which is evidenced by his extensive resume and repertoire. His talent landed him the privilege of working with some big names in the industry. These names include celebrity music director Kimberly Burse (who has directed Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Ciara); Brian Littrell (a member of the Backstreet Boys); DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS); Netflix; and Make-a-Wish Foundation, among others.

Currently, he has been hard at work on the directorial debut of his TV show, Should I Do It? His passion is what drives him to strive for success and be the next big thing. Aside from that, he recently released his debut music EP, I Am Now. The EP is a collection of intricate sounds inspired by pop, dancehall, swing, funk, house, acoustic, R&B, and cinema. I Am Now is now streaming across all music platforms.

But Tabiyus doesn’t stop at his own improvement. Tabiyus has built an impressive team of next-generation industry leaders, and he dedicates himself to bringing him and his team to new heights. He is one of the founders of Phoenix 4 Entertainment, a creative arts agency that specializes in film, music, casting, and producing. Phoenix 4 Entertainment is one company that commits to providing high-quality, cost-effective filmmaking. Everyone on the team was handpicked for their sheer talent and dedication to the craft. The team is as dedicated and talented as Tabiyus, and that’s the Phoenix 4 guarantee.

Oh, and if founding an entire creative arts agency isn’t enough, Tabiyus is also part of World Reach Global nonprofit organization. This shouldn’t come as a shock, considering that he is the son of Bishop Frederick and Pastor Karen Nah. His parents were both awarded President Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 for their work in Ministry and Missions in Liberia.

If you could put the personas of Barack Obama, Diddy, and Donald Glover in one person, that would be Tabiyus. He has a distinct universal appeal and God-given talent that oozes out of him.

To learn more about Tabiyus, visit his website at

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