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Three Easy Steps to Selling Your Writing Services Online



Selling Your Writing Services Online
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In a non-competitive business world, you’d never have to market your services, but… well, you know the drill. The business world is very competitive; the Internet is packed with business rivals; clients are a challenge to find; yada yada.

So spend a little time now or a lot of time later to convince your clients to order your writing services.


Step One: Focus on honing your craft—don’t sell yet.

We all know that, when we’re too eager to do something, we end up making a lot of blunders. This is true in relationships as well as in marketing.

Take this scenario, for example, you really like that handsome co-worker in the next cubicle, but to walk up to him and ask him out could be hazardous to your reputation, your self-esteem, and even your job.

The same can be said for marketing. If you just apply for any writing job online because you’re eager to make some money, you may end up with zero dollars and negative feedback on top of that for delivering low-quality work for a project that you had no working knowledge about.

That’s why you need to wait until you have taken the time to hone your writing skills. Do this first:

  • Find your writing voice.
  • Build your writing muscles.
  • Create an amazing writing portfolio.

You don’t want to go into the marketplace naked. Go armed with powerful weapons to shoot down your competitors and win the best writing jobs.


Step Two: Let your clients find you.

You don’t have to hunt.

If you set yourself up properly, publish some amazing posts on popular blogs, your clients will find you. Writing for top blogs that have millions of readers can expose your freelance writing services to your prospects. Instead of spending endless hours bidding and prospecting for jobs online, by publishing a single post on a big publication, you can get clients knocking on your inbox, calling on you to write for them.


  • Because publishing on world-class sites skyrockets your credibility, and
  • Because now your prospective clients have already seen your sample work.

They won’t hesitate to pay for more.


Step Three: Sell yourself high.

After you have mastered the art of writing, published some quality guest posts on authoritative sites, and gotten some leads, it’s time to close some sales—on a high scale.

Whether you’re freelancing in a marketplace like Upwork or email prospecting, you have to go high on your rates. Because you’re not just putting words on paper; you’re actually building startups with your powerful words.

All you need to do is sharpen your negotiation skills to be confident enough to bid high and to talk like the professional writer you are.


Yay! Great! Will I close more sales and become a millionaire now?

Don’t feel bad, but probably not. Selling writing services is a real skill that can take years to perfect. But if you follow these steps, you’ll greatly improve your sales. You will have done your best, which is all anyone can really ask. And, yes, I’m happy to tell that to your potential client.

Suhaib Mohammed is a freelance business and entrepreneurship writer who grows small businesses with prospect-optimized content. Visit his blog Suhaibmohammed to read compelling content that grows your business.

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