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Tommy Rodriguez: High School Dropout to Multi-Millionaire



Tommy Rodriguez: High School Dropout to Multi-Millionaire

As a teenager, Tommy Rodriguez thought his life was over after his mother kicked him out of the house. Not only was he forced to drop out of high school, but he found himself homeless on the streets. To survive and get off the streets, Tommy had to work several different odd jobs. Unfortunately, each job didn’t last for longer than 6 months.

By age 24, Tommy had enough of his struggles to survive. He wanted a better life for himself but didn’t know which direction to take to get there. Without even a high school diploma, there were few options available to him.

After exploring different ways to make money, Tommy discovered how other people were making money online. Suddenly, a lightbulb went on over his head, and he became interested in the concept of making money online too. The only question was where to start.

Tommy tried several different money-making options before settling on multi-level marketing. Once he started making money, Tommy was motivated to see how far he could take it. He created his own multi-level marketing company by taking out a loan and maxing out his credit cards to fund its startup costs.

At first, Tommy was very successful in the company. But as time went on, the market became oversaturated with other multi-level marketing companies doing the same thing as his company. This made him want to switch gears and try out something a bit more solid.

As a result, Tommy changed his entrepreneurial path toward dropshipping on Amazon and eBay. He didn’t have a coach or anyone to guide him on what to do. Instead, he taught himself the most profitable ways to maximize income by dropshipping on these platforms.

It didn’t take long for Tommy to surpass the million-dollar mark in his dropshipping business. When he achieved multi-millionaire status, he decided to start coaching other people on how to do the same thing themselves.

This is what led to the creation of the Amazon Automation Empire. It is a unique service which offers clients a fully automated Amazon store that requires hardly any work to operate. The store pretty much runs on autopilot and generates a substantial passive income for them.

Whenever a client has questions or concerns, a dedicated team of dropshipping professionals is on standby to answer them. Tommy wants all his clients to maximize their profit potential just like he did for himself. But they don’t have to settle for only one store either. Clients can run multiple Amazon stores on autopilot and receive profits from all of them.

Dropshipping is a popular business model. However, clients don’t need to worry about competition getting in the way because each Amazon store is made to be different than the rest. Each clients store is different as there are millions of products to be listed via clients stores. That way, their store doesn’t look like someone else’s store.

Tommy just turned 32  years old and still has a long life ahead of him to make money and help people. We’ll surely be hearing more about him in the future.

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine