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Umar Cassim Leads the Way to Teenage Entrepreneurship



Umar Cassim

A six-figure annual income has been a reality for Umar Cassim over the last couple of years, and he is just 16. He started by reselling sneakers online to cover his lunch and additional expenses during high school. This amateurish activity soon led to increased popularity on social media, which he monetized by launching his own online marketing company.

Umar worked thoroughly on promotional projects, campaigns, content management, profile makeovers, and account growth. He did, in essence, what most young people are familiar with, but took it to the next level by studying the leaders in the market. He picked the right business, offering services that are in huge demand right now by companies and individuals who are less aware of the proper methods to navigate the chaotic universe of social media.

A distinguished roster of clients is currently following Umar’s professional advice. Initially known among fashion insiders, he invested in particular social media campaigns that further boosted his profile and added luster to his account. Finding a niche and offering within that the best possible services are of paramount importance for Umar.

Umar is planning to use this journey for the benefit of others around him, creating a  community of skilled people and achievers. He never forgets the hardships in the earliest stages of his career. His mistakes are of great educational value. Taking risks and pushing the boundaries is part of the game, the only way to scale your business fast.

The most crucial part is carefully choosing the people you hire so that they align in terms of mentality and ethics. To Umar, these people are a great pool of talent and the force behind the brand he owns. They bring lots of value to the table, contributing ideas, and solving problems in various cases.

There might be competition, demanding clients, and an array of distractions around Umar, yet he believes that a businessman should, above all, maintain his credibility and honor his word. Success comes after hard work. He got there relatively fast, but he continues to try to step it up and maintain that trajectory.

Umar has a rich portfolio already, including VIP clients. Celebrity endorsement is one of his most effective tools. Positive feedback from important people allows him to expand further. This business is definitely a very social thing, and technology makes it reach enormous numbers and heights. When such people spread the word for you, the sky is the limit.

It takes time, yet Umar is on his way to a multi-million dollar company. His next steps include enterprises that will offer him a passive income and quality of living, a way to make more money without spending his whole life at a desk. He loves diversification and wants to try his hand in other businesses.

Umar is planning to create his own clothing brand and launch e-commerce business stores. He also aspires to invest in real estate, acquiring great properties, so as to generate income while he will be able to retire and enjoy family time. He is thinking of business models that are less time-consuming and even more profitable. One way to make it happen is by applying his knowledge and street smarts to a broad range of projects, in collaboration with people who are specialized in each sector.

It is indeed a trial and error situation, but it is fortunate to be sharing this journey with Umar’s followers who see him as inspiration. He makes young people think that they should take life seriously, not wasting time in situations and realities that are not worth it. Umar is an example of a very well-rounded, multi-faceted optimist looking to develop skills in many areas, capitalizing on assets and capabilities, monetizing his ideas, going from one opportunity to the next, and becoming a better person along the way.

It’s a learning curve for Umar, yet a very profitable one so far. Little by little, he is adding missing parts to his illustrious resume, and no one can imagine what this list of endeavors will look like in a few years from now. This promising teenager is testing the waters, getting ready to make a massive impact soon. Follow his steps through his Instagram.    

Nicolas Bueno is the Content Manager at HighKey Agency. With a background in public relations and his passion for business, he now shares exciting stories of entrepreneurs and how they’re succeeding in their fields!