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Vincent de Boer on how to get successful on Social Media

Ryan Pitts




Vincent de Boer, born on 3 July 2000, is known under the notorious Instagram handle @Vincent

Vincent de Boer may not sound familiar right away, but what I have read about him on sites like Medium, BuzzFeed and Fox he definitely is a unique young man, with one specific talent: Social Media.

I asked him for some tips, this is what he had to say:

1: Do a good research on hashtags, you’ll need to find fitting one, if you are constantly posting selfies, you can’t use the hashtag #Nature for example, but things like #Selfie #Me would work really well.

2:  Engage with your audience, if someone comment on your picture saying it looks good, thank them. This may seem like a small gesture, but it sure can help.

3: Go to hashtags as #like4like or #like4likes, like the post you see, mostly all of them will return it, resulting in you getting more likes.

4: Post quality content, nobody wants to see the same forest photographed in different angles 3 times in a row.

5: This one seems obvious, but don’t spam people’s feed by posting 10 times a day, keep it low, if you have a personal page maybe once or twice, but as a brand, by advertising products, 3 or 4 seems reasonable.  


I want to thank Vincent for his time, for more on him, go Here

Social Media is my thing

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