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Why this Millionaire left Tech



Silicon Valley

Justin Curatola has always been very behind the scenes in his ventures in business. What people don’t see is a family man who’s had massive success in Silicon Valley. Justin owns companies that serve Silicon Valley, Automotive OEMs, and Big Box Retailers. Justin’s most recent companies that he has worked with are Tesla and Uber. Justin left a lucrative deal at a massive tech company that most people would die for. Why you may ask? To follow his passion, with an up-and-coming health company, called Zivel. 

Zivel is a 5 Star Health and Wellness company redefining health through cutting edge technology and services. He partnered up with Dr. Matthew O’Neill to start this company, what Dr. O’Neill lacked in business knowledge, Justin fulfilled. They also added some star power to the group, with Brian “Head” Welch, lead guitarist of the legendary heavy metal band, Korn. Together, these men are changing lives and all fulfilling their true purpose, helping others. As Justin Curatola recently said, “making money is one thing, changing lives is another.” 

Zivel uses a culmination of modalities to fulfill the guests’ needs, like cryotherapy, infrared sauna, and saltwater flotation. Dr. O’Neill graduated at Creighton University at the top of his class with a doctorate in Physical Therapy. While having a very successful practice, he decided to go on tour with Korn and be the full-time physical therapist. That is where two amazing things happened, he found Brian Welch and saltwater floatation. Traveling on tour with a rock band can be incredibly hard on your body, especially if you haven’t ever done it before. He had a very sharp pain in his back, and even though he was a physical therapist, he couldn’t get rid of it. He found a local practice that offered saltwater flotation, and he tried it. After an hour of floating, he immediately felt better. After he was finished, he immediately called his wife and said, “this is it.” 

That is how it all began. Now, only 6 short months later, Zivel has over 30 employees and is flourishing, while taking no venture capital at all. The true valuation in a company is not how much it’s worth on paper, but how many people it impacts and helps, and that is the sole goal and vision for Zivel. This company is almost a Cinderella story, but when you look deeper into it, that’s where Justin Curatola comes in.

Where Justin has had massive success is in team building and strategy. Take a company like Facebook for example, it was not built by one person, it was a culmination of individuals trying to build something extraordinary. Justin has strategically put an amazing team together of Titans in Health, Music, Sales, and Gen Z Marketing. Justin has mixed new school business with old school and it has played out very nicely. What he has done, is taken older men with incredible business acumen and experience and put them with young and hungry individuals to put them on the best path to success. 

Justin always says, “you’re only as good as the people around you”, and that has played out so much through this whole process. He is taking individuals who have little to no business experience whatsoever and placing them within the company and mentoring them while asking only in return for them to do their best. It is obvious that Justin is more focused on legacy and impact than he is on return on investment. “Investing time and money into your employees will always pay off in the long run”, he says. Nothing brings Justin more joy and fulfillment than seeing others live up to their full potential.

With all this being said, the true message is that material success is a fire that will always burn out. The real reason this man left tech is because his focus shifted from monetary to legacy. The true fulfillment in life doesn’t come from a Ferrari or Rolex, but following your passion and helping others. Why do so many millionaires bottom out and never see happiness? Because they haven’t found that yet. When you are helping others and changing lives, your focus quickly shifts. As the classic saying reads, “when you stop focusing on money and start solving problems, you’ll have more money than you know what to do with”. 

John Danes is a 19 Year Old Entrepreneur from Nashville, Tennessee. After being expelled from high school, John went on to start reselling rare sneakers and clothing. Not only did he see success in business, but he learned many lessons along the way. Now, he is the CEO of 99Media, which is a top digital marketing company in Nashville. He is also the host of The No Excuses Show, where he has interviewed millionaires and influencers all over the world.