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Why Video Marketing is the Next Big Thing for E-Commerce Businesses



Video Marketing

As an e-commerce business owner, the way you market your products and services greatly determines your success. With so many innovations in marketing techniques, it is natural to feel overwhelmed at times. However, you must choose the right marketing strategy that will provide you with the return you have been hoping for. Marketers talk extensively about the benefits of using visual content.

Video Marketing, specifically, is thought to be extremely important for the success of a business. This is why you see many e-commerce platforms market their business through video marketing efforts. If you are still not convinced about making video content a part of your overall marketing strategy, here are few statistics that will make you rethink:

  • It has been reported that 43% of the users of the Internet require more video content.
  • Video content can help in the increase in a business’s organic traffic by 157%.
  • Out of every five customers, four will find a demo video to be extremely helpful for their purchase decision.
  • The conversion rate can be increased by 144% with the help of product videos.
  • Almost 50% of people shopping online look for videos before they buy a product in the store.
  • Visuals are said to affect the buying decision of 92% of the shoppers.

Thus, giving your customers a slice of video marketing is essential if you want to make a name for yourself. But, why is video marketing so good at generating results? Here’s why:

Love from Google

Getting a good ranking from Google is thought to be extremely difficult by even the most successful SEO experts. Luckily, Google shares the same love for video marketing that your target audience has. This means that if you incorporate the use of video marketing for your business, you have a greater likelihood of showing on top of Google’s list thereby improving traffic.


People love to share content that strikes a chord. Thanks to different social media platforms and other features related to video marketing, such content can be shared easily. As your video content gets shared increasingly on different platforms, your website witnesses more traffic and your conversions pile up.


Reliability is one thing that all customers look for in a brand. When you use video marketing, you can communicate to the audience what your brand is made of through a highly impactful medium. Product videos are extremely helpful when trying to create an image of an informed and trusted the brand. People look up to you as a “know-it-all” and trust what you have to say about different products in the market.


Ample research about what your target audience is looking for in a brand is what creates valuable content. You cannot just share anything and everything through video marketing and expect it to become a hit. Make sure that you use emotional and relatable content that makes the customers feel valued by your brand. By doing this, you are focusing on the long term and not just converting the viewer into a customer. Forming a connection with your target audience becomes easier when done through video content.

Tips for Using Video Marketing

While video marketing holds immense importance for every business, how to use it for an e-commerce business is something you should learn. There is no doubt that your e-commerce business will thrive once you start using video marketing techniques. But, using it the right way is also vital. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Begin by introducing to your target audience different videos about your best selling and most popular products. Usually, these are the products that are the most searched for and hence can be thought of as a connecting point between you and success.
  2. Knowing where to advertise your video marketing efforts is also essential. Even though there are different social media platforms available, you have to become aware of where your target audience is. When you are available in all the right places, it becomes hard for the customers to ignore your presence.
  3. Incorporate high-quality video techniques. A poorly made video will make the viewer lose interest within seconds. Therefore, if you need to hire a professional to carry out this task do not be afraid to do so.
  4. Make sure all your videos can be conveniently accessed from a mobile device. More and more people are now becoming habitual of carrying out their browsing needs on mobile phones.

Hence, if your video is not compatible with a mobile, it will not generate the results you are expecting. So, be prepared to witness your e-commerce business thrive with the help of using video marketing.

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