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With Over $100M In Real Estate, Danny Fitzgerald Is One Of Hollywood’s Top Real Estate Developers



Danny Fitzgerald

Danny Fitzgerald, who is also known as “DannyHollywoodHomes” online, built his very first home in the late 70s and now has accumulated over $100,000,000 in beachfront and hillside properties. Some of your favorite celebrities such as Justin Bieber, 21 Savage, and Lil John have lived in his enormous properties.

I recently got the opportunity to pick his brain on how he’s been able to acquire so much wealth, and I’m very excited to share with you four of the best pieces of advice that he gave me.


1) Acquire as much real estate as you can and keep it forever

According to Danny, selling any real estate that you own is one of the dumbest things you can do. Throughout the last hundred years, real estate has doubled every 10 years in the state of California. Therefore, all someone has to do is hold onto their real estate and then they will be rich later on in their life.


2) Find land with a big yard so that you can put in additional dwelling units

California wants more housing, so they’ve made it possible for anyone to put a guest house in their backyard as long as they have the size. As a matter of fact, some may even be eligible to add two. Doing this would allow the property owner to have more rooms available to rent out which would increase the amount of monthly income they would be capable of generating.


3) Rent out your rooms to have your tenants cover your payments

What is a better way to buy a house than to have other people buy it for you? There really isn’t one. Danny suggests that you rent out all the rooms in your properties so that you can have your tenants pay your monthly payments for you. Absolutely genius.


4) Don’t buy jewelry or cars; buy real estate instead

So many people make the mistake of spending their hard-earned money on things that go down in value. Danny, on the other hand, decided a very long time ago that he wouldn’t make the same mistake that most people make. Since real estate goes up in value, a property owner would, therefore, make more and more money over time. He says that is the ultimate retirement plan: own as much real estate as possible.

I previously thought I had heard some solid advice from various successful people in the past, but I have to say that what I learned from Danny sounds like a pretty clear path to true wealth.

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