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Words of Wisdom by 25-Year-Old Andrew Hristo on Business Scalability



Andrew Hristo

Out of a laptop 25-year-old entrepreneur from South Australia, Andrew Hristo has created a successful business and a coveted lifestyle involving online work and extensive traveling. When he was just 13, he started importing products from China and reselling them via eBay, purchasing that way his first dirt bike, and making $20K in a year. After finishing high school, he moved to the United States, combining his professional endeavors with studies at the University of Miami. Working online, he had the freedom to diversify in an array of activities. He soon set up his own reselling and dropshipping websites for a wide range of imported goods, which paved the way for the creation of his social media marketing agency offering web development, lead generation strategies, and content management for esteemed clients such as doctors, plastic surgeons, and dentists. As a certified personal trainer himself, he also profited from influencer deals with numerous large fitness brands. Along with his successful agency, today, he has shared with more than 500 students tips on how to nail online business models and fulfill their dreams. Some of them are now earning over $1,000 per day.  

Andrew always wanted to work for himself and travel a lot. To him, the Internet is a great tool that allows our generation to work from anywhere in the world. He grew up in a small remote city, but he was always connected. He soon realized that with the help of technology, a wider audience was within his reach, and this is how he started working on e-commerce and social media. Even capturing a small segment of the global population, he could make lots of money. And it was much easier than trying to sell within his own city. Online business is much more scalable than traditional business models. Andrew is a huge fan of subscription models that secure recurring revenue, and he often incorporates them into his projects.

Targeting your audience is of paramount importance. Andrew starts each project by defining his dream customer. Earlier in his social media career, he thought that he should work with every possible client he could sign up. Yet, working with particular niches allows you to scale up because you specialize in these and can handle many more similar projects by streamlining processes. Plus, your services are always in demand by these categories of professionals you are most familiar with. Coming up with brand new marketing methods for clients with different backgrounds will hinder your ability to maximize profitability. This is why he had to turn down clients that were not meeting his criteria along the way.    

In the earliest stages of his business, Andrew felt that he had to do everything on his own, from customer service and advertising to finances and sales, which had a toll initially on his growth and revenue. Building up a virtual team of assistants recruited via Upwork and other platforms, he is now able to delegate all low-revenue tasks to others, so that he focuses on the high-profit activities such as sales and strategy. That way, he expands faster. A mix of people with experience in different areas (customer service, social media, etc.) is hired for that.  

He advises that you always stay ahead of the competition and gain credibility by studying a competitor who is doing great in a specific niche. Add your own twist to capture market share. Specialize even more by focusing on finding a unique solution for a certain problem common within this niche. During one of his social media marketing ventures, for example, Andrew chose to work with plastic surgeons specifically and mastered how to bring them more leads. This differentiated him from all the general marketing agencies when reaching out to plastic surgeons.

Today, he generates multi six figures annually and lives on his own terms. Among his other goals is to empower and guide 1 million people through his online courses. He is not thinking of retiring any time soon, because he loves his work and feels motivated every single day. It all revolves around the idea of business and pleasure, working hard, and traveling the world. He has found a great balance among all aspects of his life, and he doesn’t want to be left with too much free time, and nothing interesting to do. Business is fun for him, a great source of excitement. Once you start doing what you love, it doesn’t feel like work anymore.


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