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Xander Neff: XK Luxury and the Future



Xander Neff


The day Xander Neff finally took action and started his own business, is a day that he will never forget. He struggled through life, starting as a young boy working three jobs at once to help out his poor family.

Xander ended up putting his hard work to the test when he decided he was going to start up a business of his own, his first business. He’s very proud of how far he’s come and he has no problem showing it to the world. He came up with the name XK Luxury LLC for a modeling company. 

He got started in the industry a few years prior and figured that it would be beneficial if he were to just create his own from scratch. He also wanted to guide others in the industry by helping them connect, network, and create published content. Xander felt though at that point in his life, with all of his experiences he was able to aid others with successful networking and marketing within the industry. He’s learned from the best and knew that the best way to have a business running was through connections, love, and friendships built daily. He learned the best methods of communication that would effectively work amongst clients and employees.

Xander’s motivation comes from his hardships as he has overcome many events in life such as paralysis of the lower half of his body. Xander needs to stay active and focused in order to feel accomplished. Being lazy and making any type of excuse to take a day off, or to invest his time into anything that is not productive is a big thumbs down in his book and not an option as it won’t help bring him any closer to his future goals and ambitions. He fuels off of his achievements and off of being the hardest working man in the room.

You will always see him on his feet ready to work and beat the day. He stays very fit and healthy to keep him ready for whatever comes his way and it’s proven to work for him as this has kept him moving forward to a future full of opportunity no matter how much bad luck he’s had in his past. He was once told that he would never be able to walk again and worked as hard as he could to prove everyone wrong. With much work and dedication, he worked his way back up to be able to walk and workout once again.

Shortly after he got injured in the army and had to get an honorable discharge and once again he beat through that injury ad is able to do everything he was able to do prior as he loves outdoor activities such as swimming.

Xander knows that the only way to succeed is to wake up every morning with a positive mindset. He likes to picture every day at the weekend, which is usually an exciting time for everyone. Times will get rough, it’s bound to happen but don’t let that get you down. Instead of taking it as a loss, take it as a lesson and turn it into a win. Stay open-minded and do some research ahead of time of possible challenges that you could face in the future with your business. Knowing ahead of time and preparing will surely put your mind at ease. 

Xander is known to be charismatic and very smooth-talking. He considers himself to be a ladies man and with that, he has the ability to capture lots of people’s attention with little to no effort. His genuine smile is contagious and his physique he has worked on for years in the making results in immediate attention from those around him. For after every obstacle he’s been through, he’s still managed to come out of it as an elite athlete. Being able to effortlessly show emotion, attitude, and confidence in front of the camera is one of Xander’s biggest skill sets. He has had a lot of success in his modeling journey and plans to continue doing so. 

Xander Neff is a huge team player and believes in teamwork. With that being said, he understands that being a boss, CEO, and leader is a necessity for any successful business. You need the ability to confidently lead others in your business. Start off with the right team that fits your criteria of what you’re looking for and then go from there.

His plans for the future is to continue on with building up his business. He doesn’t plan on retiring and wants to continue on with his journey for as long as possible. 

Nicolas Bueno is the Content Manager at HighKey Agency. With a background in public relations and his passion for business, he now shares exciting stories of entrepreneurs and how they’re succeeding in their fields!