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Young Serial Entrepreneur Who Went from Penny Pincher to Multi-Figure Earner



Young Serial Entrepreneur Who Went from Penny Pincher to Multi-Figure Earner

Ryan Gilpin is a college dropout who found a way to turn his natural inclination of entrepreneurship into financial security for both him and his family. At the age of 24, he started dabbling in foreign exchange trading, and only three months into the business, he earned an impressive $20,000. Immediately after he saw the income rolling in, he knew that entrepreneurship was right for him. “I realized after just 3 months that this is something that I wanted to do. I was able to open two Forex companies, one called Technical Prosperity.”

With his company, Technical Prosperity, he was able to teach people how to become successful in Forex trading. He also believes that his beginnings, struggles, and lack of direction can help others realize their own potential and assist them in becoming successful in the business of Forex trading. “I train people to trade in the Forex marketplace. I’m self-taught as a trader, I didn’t have a mentor for guidance. I learned through trial and error… and used my failures as lessons, and I actually developed a strategy to trade so anyone can touch the charts.”


There is No Success Without Struggle

Most successful people in history were met with challenges and setbacks, and the case was the same for this young entrepreneur. He admits that understanding finances were a struggle for him. His desire to understand how to manage money better led him to develop a game plan to help end his struggle with finances.  “Moving 30 % of my income to the side, I’m able to combat my struggle of finance by paying myself each month. I’ve been making money since the age of 24, coming from someone who has never had [money] before, it’s been a struggle. I would spend my money on things that don’t matter instead of investing it. So that’s one thing that I’ve been committed to doing… learning from people that have already been through those failures with money and find a way to invest the money into a return.”

His plans for securing his future doesn’t stop with foreign exchange trading, he’s also working to secure multiple streams of income. “I look for other avenues for income growth as well… I invest in cryptocurrency.”

The knowledge that he’s gained from Forex trading has proven to be beneficial to him in the business of cryptocurrency as well.


Secrets to Success and Advice to Others

Ryan Gilpin attributes a large part of his success to positively handling criticism and the law of attraction. Although people will have their negative opinions, he says that it’s important to learn how to find positive messages in the negative noise. He also states that it’s important to focus on what’s important—your end goal! “Don’t buy into opinions and focus on [your goal]. If you’re focused on someone else’s opinions, you’re buying into what they’re focused on. Also, don’t take criticism to heart. Criticism can have both a positive and negative impact. Find a positive spin on the negative opinions and keep going.”


What Makes Gilpin More Credible?

Ryan Gilpin has gone through the failures and struggles so that others can learn from his hard-learned lessons. Not only has he experienced the setbacks of poverty, but he has also experienced the advantages of financial freedom. He knows that some lessons are best learned through trial and error, but through his own setbacks, he has created actionable steps to help others bypass some of the pitfalls that come with the business, and begin their fast track to financial freedom. “I’m able to show people how to be successful, not just tell them. My track record and results speak for themselves. I’ve created tons of 5-figure, 6-figure, and even 7-figure earners and they’ve quit their jobs and have been able to take care of their families.


A Sneak Peek into the Future

When asked about his vision for the future, he shared that he would like to take his brand to an international level to change as many lives as possible and build an ongoing network of business relationships. “I have over 10,000 clients. The goal is to just change as many lives as possible and build [new] business relationships.”

Ryan serves as an inspiration to young millennials who are searching for real-world examples of financial success. His story reminds us that if a young man like him, a college dropout, can become successful without a college degree, then there’s no stopping anyone who is willing to put in the time, energy, and sacrifice to make it happen.

To discover how Ryan Gilpin can help you transform your dreams of financial freedom into reality, contact him on his Instagram: @TechnicalProsperity or @myliferealquick.

Miesha Wilson is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing heartwarming and inspiring stories of everyday individuals who work to transform their dreams of success into reality.