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How Beginners can Sell products on Amazon in 2019?



How Beginners can Sell products on Amazon in 2019?

If you are a beginner thinking of selling your products on Amazon, we are here to help. Here we will tell you how to sell products on Amazon. In this article, we have started from the first step. Right from creating a seller account, this article will guide you. So, let us see how to make money by selling your products on Amazon:

Create Seller Account

The first thing to do is to create an Amazon Seller Central Account. You will have to register yourself on Amazon as a seller. You can take the individual plan and pay no monthly subscriptions. In this plan, you are allowed to 40 items. If you want to sell more products, you will have to opt for a professional account. A professional account is going to cost you around $39.99 per month. Depending upon the rage, the price can be more.

Register Your Brand or Firm

Once you create the account, you will need GTIN and UPC. It is essential for sellers to introducing a new range of products on Amazon. When you create the UPC, Amazon gives you an “FNSKU.” FNSKU is a barcode by Amazon for your product. You will print it on the packaging of the product. With Amazon’s “FNSKU” you don’t need a barcode. If you are a manufacturer or you want to sell your brand, you must get the ‘Amazon Brand Registry.’ When you do so, you don’t have to buy the bar code, and you can also sell your products on Amazon without UPC.

Setup your Products

After the steps as mentioned above, you must find out the products you want to sell on Amazon. Many people want to know- “How to sell products on Amazon?” but they are not sure of what they want to sell. It is important to figure it out as soon as possible. So now when you have planned your range of products, you need to register them on Amazon. If the product is already on Amazon, your task will be easy. You will have to select from the options and click on the relevant things to register. However, if you intend to sell something that is new, you need to make a new listing. For unique products, it is important to create listings carefully. You have to be careful while selecting the categories and subcategories.

Prioritize Your Listing of Products

As a seller, you can manage your bulk listings manually. However, if you are an individual seller, you will manage and edit the products with Amazon’s in the built interface. You will have to manage the price, product description and other information related to the products through the web interface.

Amazon FBA Program

Now you will have to decide upon the fulfillment option by Amazon; this is an important decision you take. The fulfillment option by Amazon means you can either opt for (“Merchant Fulfill”) or by Amazon (“Amazon FBA program”). Merchant Fulfill means that you keep the products in your place. Once there is an order, you ship it to the buyer. You can use any carrier or method to ship your product. The buyer should get the product within the time that you mentioned. In the Amazon FBA program, Amazon takes the responsibility of shipping the products. If you think it is going to be a crucial task for you to manage to ship at the early stage, you can consider “Fulfillment by Amazon.”

These are the steps in which you can create your seller account on Amazon and sell your products. If you have any further questions regarding how to sell products on Amazon, you can feel free to contact us. We will provide you the best knowledge.

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