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How to prosper without going to college: JESUS SAUCEDA




Who Is Jesus Sauceda?

Jesus: I am a 20 year old Digital Entrepreneur. I made $2,000 from selling chips and chocolate during my senior year of high school to invest in my future ventures. I trade the Foreign exchange market (Forex). There were many nights I stayed up looking at the charts only having all my money being lost in the market within a few minutes, other times in an hour. In all, I’ve burned about $14,000 in the Forex market, before I was able to make it profitable. I was able to make $950 in 6 hours (overnight) from the help of two friends, they gave me the ambition to commit to Forex. After that I was able to make $10,000 in 3 days from Forex, I only spent $200. 

5 Reasons Why You Became A Digital Entrepreneur:

  1. I want to set the example that anyone who didn’t go to college can be successful.
  2. To show that you don’t have to follow the normal path of a 9 to 5 or a college degree to manifest your dreams.
  3. I want to be able to show everyone that someone who came from nothing can make anything they desire, no matter the means to get there.
  4. To prove everyone wrong! That you don’t have to follow what your family or society thinks is the “right” path. Everyone has a different journey. Trust yourself and have faith that you are on your right path.
  5. I became a digital entrepreneur to follow my passion and dream. I did it for me. 

What Have You Learned Through Your Challenges? 

Jesus: That everything will start happening once your mind is ready to receive it all. Everything comes once you’ve learned the lessons that you need to be learned. Focus your thoughts on gratitude every day and make sure you’re developing your mind every day, so you can prosper. I learned this through all of my trial and error when I was starting Forex. I would not be where I am right now if I had not lost all of my savings within days. I now know all of the lessons my life has been trying to teach me. Even though I did not go to school, I am still a student of life. You never stop learning after you graduate. I chose to make my own path and learn what I want to learn. Instead of following the normal path that most of my friends from school have. Albert Einstein once said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

What Is Your Goal? 

Jesus: I want everyone to see that a 20 year old, who didn’t go to college, can actually prosper as a Digital Entrepreneur. I want to inspire other kids, like me that came from nothing, that with hard work and learning what you want, you can follow your dreams. There is nothing worth having without hard work and passion. 

How can someone contact you? 

You can find Jesus on Twitter: @JesusXSauceda and Instagram: @JesusXSaucedx

Samantha Coppage is 23 years old from Scottsdale, Arizona.