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Interview with Joshua Muñoz- The Social Media BlackBelt



Josh Muñoz

This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking with Josh Muñoz at a little shop in Sedona, Arizona. Only a week after moving into his new home, we had lunch beneath the towering copper mountains and cloud-peppered sky. If you haven’t been to Sedona, it is one of the rarest towns in the Southwest, and Josh, a rare individual himself, put his mind to the goal that he would make it his home. 

Josh Muñoz is the founder of GrowNowDigital, an expert at Social Media Content Marketing and Advertising, and an obsessive entrepreneur. Out of his towering achievements, he is most proud of his dedication to karate- Josh is a 3rd degree Black Belt in Shotokan. I wanted to learn more about how his passion fueled his business, and how that applies to entrepreneurs who haven’t studied 10 years of karate…

Josh Muñoz


How did you get started with Karate?

It started when my buddy invited me for a session at his dojo, which was a combination of karate, low-level jujitsu, and overall MMA. The moment I walked into the dojo, I could hear the confidence in these kids’ voices. I wanted that kind of roar! 


You weren’t confident as a teenager?

Understand that there’s a difference between confidence and self-esteem. Bullies are confident, but they put others down because they have low self-esteem. I had done sports in the past, which built my confidence, but I hadn’t built this sort of raw self-esteem that inspired me to trust myself.

It didn’t take long before I dedicated my entire life to the art. I graduated through a rigorous program to blackbelt and started to teach. That’s when my character transformed- I had to be the best I could possibly be because others looked up to me as an example.

You want to force yourself to become an expert? Teach. You’ll either live and breathe your craft or your students will inevitably find your flaws.  


Josh Muñoz



Love it! What inspired you to shift gears towards entrepreneurship?

I was already an entrepreneur before I started Social Media Marketing or started a company. Every day was a test of personal development and business management. The smarter I worked for the dojo, the more I began to see how I was positively affecting my community. 

One day I thought about my impact. If I worked 12 hours a day at that dojo (which I often did), every day for 10 years, I could change the lives of thousands of people. Now if I worked half as much time investing in my own business, then I’ll have the potential to change the lives of millions.

Entrepreneurship is about mindset. The only reason I redirected my focus is that I saw in right front of me the kind of difference I was making at the dojo, and I wanted to do it at a larger scale.


So it’s all about mindset?

Absolutely. I endured two different stages of rock-bottom before I found my two stages of success. Neither successes happened overnight, they were developed through consistent and rigorous habits, mindset, and obsession. 

What lessons have you learned in Karate that directly apply to your life as an entrepreneur? 

  1. You must want success like you want to breathe. In karate, you can’t just casually want your blackbelt. You must make sacrifices. Some sacrifices are positive, like giving up a bad habit. Other trades, like spending time with friends, are made only because you want to advance more than you want to enjoy yourself. In order to succeed in business, you must become obsessed.
  2. Always have a “White Belt Mentality”. It’s easy to become proud when you can show off your achievement, but pride stops us from growing. Martial arts is about mastery, and mastery is never obtainable. It’s the pursuit of mastery that begets strength. The more you succeed, the more difficult this principle becomes, and the more important it is to follow. 
  3. Kickass outside of the dojo. The easiest place to give it your all is inside the dojo, where you have accountability and the energy is positive. If that’s the only place you show your best character, then you’re just enjoying a hobby and putting on a face. Transforming into a successful entrepreneur demands that you apply your best character and ethic in all aspects of your life, not just when others are watching.


To find out more about Josh Muñoz, you can visit his Instagram, Linkedin, or GrowNowDigital’s website.

Adam Diehm is a writer, marketer, teacher, and philosopher, specializing in understanding the language of the individual, and bringing their story to the public