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Looking to Try Dropshipping? Here are Some Products That Sell



Looking to Try Dropshipping? Here are Some Products That Sell

With online commerce growing strong and steady, you may be interested in getting your slice of the pie through dropshipping. Perhaps you’re already setting up your website and looking for suppliers. Regardless, deciding what to sell can be challenging. There are many different options and approaches.

One is to identify a specific niche with low competition and high search volume. Another is to ride the wave with something that’s selling like hotcakes. Fortunately, the following list contains a bit of both. Before we get into it, let’s run over some guidelines for starting a dropshipping business.


The Basics

Dropshipping is largely driven by impulse purchases. Coupled with buying power and trends, you have a formula for success. That is, provided you find dropshipping suppliers that are fast, reliable, and easy to communicate with. 

Crafting attractive advertisements and keeping the price low is also important. No less crucial is having an effective website design and infrastructure. Learn how to start your own dropshipping business on a leading platform like Wix that offers all the necessary features you will need. This might include templates, analytics, marketplaces, and other useful tools. 

Once that’s covered, you can begin searching for a suitable niche. Here are five dropshipping niches that are currently outperforming the rest: 

  • Power tools 
  • Tech supplies
  • Lifestyle products
  • Health and beauty
  • Drones and accessories

As for what exactly you should be selling, consider these six products:


1. Wireless Chargers

While not particularly new to the market, more and more people are becoming able to afford smartphones and other devices that are compatible with wireless chargers. Buyers in previous years were mostly early adopters. 

Looking at data on Google Trends, you’ll see that demand surges around the holiday season. This is likely due to consumers typically purchasing new handsets and earphones at these times. So, be sure to give wireless chargers a try in 2020, especially if you plan to run a tech store. 


2. Drone Landing Pads

A different kind of surface to put tech onto, drone landing pads are becoming increasingly popular. People are buying remote-controlled flying toys in droves, but they take some practice to pilot without plummeting into the ground and breaking all of their fragile (and often expensive) parts. That’s why this product makes the list.

Grounding a drone in one piece isn’t easy, which is the marketing slant you can take when selling your landing pads. They’re inexpensive and packable into sleek boxes that are cheap to deliver. This makes them a pretty sweet deal. 


3. Yoga Bricks

One of the unexpected side-effects of the recent global health crisis is how it put a stronger focus on personal wellness. More specifically, how it got everyone stretching, meditating, and exercising in their homes. Yoga bricks are one of the affordable and popular accessories that assist in making that happen. 

It’s also suitable to sell around the end of the year when people start creating their resolutions and setting new fitness goals. That’s when they see a perfect opportunity to buy new workout equipment. While we’re at it, check out these other hot fitness products that are currently great candidates for dropshipping:

  • Fitness trackers
  • Resistance bands
  • Yoga mats
  • Sports bras
  • Running headphones


4. Bluetooth Speakers

Major brands like JBL and Beats have helped make wireless speakers cool. They’ve also made them quite expensive. This has naturally driven demand for more affordable tweeters with Bluetooth capabilities. Those with additional features such as waterproofing and NFC connectivity are also popular among consumers. 

There are countless dropshipping suppliers that can help you get your hands on these products. Dress them up in compelling advertising and assure customers that they can trust the product to work, and you have yourself a winner.


5. Melatonin Tablets

With sleep being something consumers are getting less of, it should come as no surprise that they’re looking for ways to get more shuteye. Awareness around sleep science and our penchant for researching solutions is further improving the chances of you making serious profits dropshipping a product like melatonin tablets. 

They’re highly affordable and come in small packages, making them perfect for shipping overseas. Just be sure to carefully analyze your supplier and check the ingredients for safety. 


6. Teeth Whitening Kits

Ever tried getting your teeth whitened at the dentist? Treatments usually cost hundreds of dollars, and over-the-counter products are hardly much cheaper. If you can sell a convincing way for consumers to whiten their teeth at home, your dropshipping business is bound to succeed. 

Ending off with a few more health-related products, consider looking into anti-aging creams and facial masks. Tea tree oil, hair growth serum, makeup brushes, and posture correction belts are also doing really well.



Take some time to thoroughly consider your options before settling on a certain product or niche. Doing the research will help you determine what will bring you the highest profits. Good luck! 

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.