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Meet Ricky Andrade – Founder of Market Masters Academy



Ricky Andrade

Ricky Andrade is a successful trader who hit seven figures for the first time in October 2018, at the age of 23. He is currently the CEO of Market Masters Academy, where he has taught over 25,000 students. Let’s find out more about who Ricky is and how he was able to become so successful.


How Ricky began his successful trading career

Ricky’s beginnings were harsh, but he managed to thrive and write his own success story. He grew up in a ghetto part of Los Angeles and his parents divorced when he was little. Ricky was raised mainly by his mother, who struggled to pay the bills. He never stayed for more than two years in a school, and at the age of 21, he decided to quit his job at Auto Chlor Systems as a commercial dishwasher technician and followed his own path, his dream of being his own boss. He started by getting into affiliate companies, with no personal funds. 

He hated that job, it made him feel frustrated, unmotivated, just like the average guy. The decision to start entrepreneurship was not easy, and it took him a while before deciding to make the change, but eventually, he took the leap into the unknown. He took that leap exactly on his 21st birthday, which was also when he quit his job as mentioned above. Now his business and success speak for him and his story. But let’s find out further how he got here.

Slowly, he switched to the trading industry and learned quickly how to do it successfully. He had to learn how to trade from zero, by exchanging knowledge with someone who wanted to learn affiliate marketing. He took studying this niche very seriously and invested in a lot of training from top investors. Also, he spent many hours studying the market and analyzing it, which he still does today in order to stay ahead of the game. As he states, this helped him to achieve success. He applied his investment strategy, which was focused on Forex, solely to make millions of dollars.

Ricky faced many obstacles but managed to overcome all of them in order to succeed. The success formula that Ricky knows helped him achieve his goals is TFA=R:


Thoughts lead to Feelings, Feelings lead to actions, Action = Results.

Besides this formula, he is a positive entrepreneur and focuses on staying productive at all times. Being productive every single day is not an easy task, and Ricky spends thousands of dollars on self-improvement books and courses, analyzing the patterns of successful people so he can continuously grow. The lesson Ricky teaches us all is to invest in ourselves and in our personal development. He is also keen on writing everything down and every task he has to do in his notebook for safekeeping. Andrade believes that writing down everything is one of the secrets that helped him stay on top of the game.

Another tip provided by Ricky for achieving success is to establish clear boundaries between your personal life and work life. He thinks that it is crucial to create a balance, and this way, you will get the best of the two parts of your life. Trading is a challenging industry in which you can feel burnt out quickly if you don’t set a proper schedule for work hours, so make sure you create a schedule that works for you. 


What is the purpose of Market Masters Academy

Ricky Andrade started Market Masters Academy with one clear goal in mind: he wanted to change the lives of others, making them happier and wealthier. He is teaching thousands of people how to trade successfully. Ricky teaches strategies to people and businesses to increase their profits and achieve success. He is willing to share all of the information he learned in his years of trading, making it possible for others to succeed as well. His company has the goal of introducing Forex concepts to people in a simple manner that even a 5th-grade student could understand.

Now that you have an understanding of who Ricky Andrade is and how he can help, give him a chance to teach you the secrets of trading. One of his greatest accomplishments is earning over 100,000 dollars in one day with trading and he wants to teach others how to do the same. He is determined, motivated, and started his entrepreneurship journey with a clear goal to help as many people as he can. 

Currently, Ricky is working on his new platform Circle Chat which was created with the intent to bring different industries into one platform that is customized to their specific industry. This is something that has never been done before and Ricky can’t wait for people to start using it soon. Make sure to follow their Instagram for launch details. 

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