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Meet Steven Ridzyowski, Top Entrepreneur taking over the Ecommerce industry



Steven Ridzyowski

Steven Ridzyowski is the CEO of Ecommerce Marketing Agency LLC and has over 10 years of experience in online marketing. He is very skilled in this field and has used all of his knowledge to create very profitable businesses. From social media to native and display, Steven has grown multiple 6-7 figure stores in the past 3 years and created a full turnkey Ecommerce Agency. In this stage of his life, Steven is working on scaling and expanding his businesses to do the most for his customers and share what he has learned on his entrepreneurial journey to help others. 

Steven Ridzyowski has built credibility in the industry by being a member of the Forbes Business Council, and being featured as Yahoo Finance Top Entrepreneur to follow during COVID-19. He has done over $30 million in paid ads across multiple advertising platforms in the past 10+ years. One of his most recent accomplishments is that he has grossed over $30 million across multiple Ecommerce stores in just 4 years across various niches. In our modern world, technology changes improve and evolves every day. Many years ago Steven saw this gap in the Ecommerce industry and decided to evolve his businesses with the technology to capitalize on this. 

To be more specific, Steven made the decision to start his own business in his senior year of high school. Many people are okay with working for someone else their entire life, however, Steven is not one of those people. He wanted to be his own boss, control how much time he put in and got paid, and not let anyone else dictate what he can and can’t do. Steven has always had a strong, creative, determined mind and knew that he wanted to be in control of his own success. Success to Steven Ridzyowski means being able to provide for others whether it is his family or giving opportunities to new employees for his agency, and making sure everyone is happy while prioritizing his own happiness as well. 

A young entrepreneur goes through many trials and tribulations before they find their niche, get their feet on the ground, and start turning a profit. Steven went on this journey as well and knows first-hand what it takes to persevere through the obstacles, so he wants to provide as many opportunities for people on a similar path as he can. Steven’s advice for those trying to start their own business and brand is to go with a company that will provide a turnkey service. Consumers want to spend their money on services and products that will make their life easier, so find a gap in an industry, and get started right away! 

Steven Ridzyowski acknowledges that when starting your own business, you might not always be able to tackle everything that will come at you in the beginning, so it is important to be very skilled and knowledgeable in the industry you are going into. It is crucial that you are proficient in many areas of your business so that you can work closely with clients and establish trust while your business is growing. To learn more about Steven’s business and follow along with his journey, click here.