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Quantopia: Charlie Jabaley is Changing Podcasting and Culture Forever



Quantopia: Charlie Jabaley is Changing Podcasting and Culture Forever

The essence of podcasting is the idea of community. Everyone wants to feel as if they belong somewhere. In some ways, we all feel isolated at times… like we don’t belong and that nobody understands us. The rise of podcasting has taken online communities and given them life beyond the limits of social media. However, what happens when a podcast transforms into an underground society, a proverbial speakeasy only accessible through a secret passageway. Some would consider that podcast damnation… there are millions of listeners on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the mass directories every day. It would be crazy to limit access to your podcast.

Charlie Jabaley might just be a little crazy. However, that crazy is what also makes him a marketing genius and the most innovative community creator of our time. When Charlie launched the Charlie Rocket Show, he started with beautiful intentions. He wanted to spread his message to the masses and interview talented creative geniuses along the way. So, he did.

Charlie began putting out podcasts, just as many other creators do. He published inspiring solo episodes and interviews across traditional platforms. By most conventional standards, Charlie had launched a successful podcast. However, Charlie is far from conventional. Charlie felt that the podcast needed to be more about the people and less about himself. After amassing significant download numbers that could have easily attracted high paying sponsors, Charlie did the unthinkable.

He deleted every episode.

This wasn’t a moment of breakdown. Instead, it was a moment far more significant than himself. Charlie has always done things unconventionally, starting from a young age. In 2007, Charlie dropped out of college to go on tour with Soulja Boy. After getting fired, he continued his journey in the music industry, signing Travis Porter and eventually discovering 2 Chainz, winning a Grammy while creating success that most could only dream of. After building a multi-million-dollar company in the entertainment industry, Charlie had a new battle to fight. That battle was one he had been fighting since the day he was born.

Charlie had an unhealthy relationship with food and his weight. Struggling to lose weight and battling his addiction to food. In 2011, Charlie weighed over 300 pounds. His business was growing, and so was he. In 2012, Charlie lost over 100 pounds by starving himself, only to gain the weight back a year later. After making the decision to lose the weight once and for all, he began training for marathons and completed 3 marathons in 2015.

That was still just the beginning of Charlie’s struggles. He could never quite get beyond his food addiction, and that addiction began to take over his life yet again. In 2017, Charlie’s childhood diagnosed brain tumor had begun to grow, and doctors feared it could be life-threatening.

This was rock bottom for Charlie and became the wakeup call he desperately needed. Charlie made a commitment to himself to chase his childhood dreams of becoming an athlete. He became vegan, lost 125 pounds, and challenged himself to change everything about his life.

In 2018 his dream became a reality when his self-produced Nike commercial was picked up by Nike, and that video eventually won an Emmy.

Charlie’s success has never changed who he is, and deep down, he’s quick to share the insecurities he faces daily. That is why Charlie deleted his podcast episodes. He realized he needed to do more and that the podcast couldn’t just be about him.

His mission became to help millions of people just like him. The kids and adults struggling to find themselves, fighting their own battles, both internally and externally. He wanted to create a community of growth. A safe place that people could call their own. A community of compassion, manifestation, and vulnerability. A place where people could feel comfortable in their own skin and a place where nobody had to feel alone.

That place was called Quantopia.

Quantopia initially launched to Charlies’ closest community members as merely an image of a pink door. Behind the pink door was a community that would change podcasting forever. Quantopia was not available on any listener platforms, it was only accessible through a phone number that only one person had… Charlie’s mother. Quantopia began to go viral. As more people started accessing Quantopia, word spread across social media and became the underground event of the year. As people began sharing their entry point (the pink door) into Quantopia, more and more people were searching for the phone number. In less than 48 hours, Quantopia had become a household name, and media requests followed.

MSNBC came calling, and when they asked to interview Charlie about Quantopia, he responded with solidarity:

“I want you to interview us, not just me.”

That is what Quantopia is all about. There is no I or me. Instead, the collective group has all become a WE. A collective group of individuals that have created something much more significant than any one person ever could. It became a place to cultivate growth, support, empowerment, courage, kindness, and love. Quantopia wasn’t a few hundred people coming together on a mission… Quantopia was the movement of a generation.

Over 50,000 people listened to the first episode, which featured 1stPhorm CEO, Andy Frisella.

Quantopia has already created the most significant cultural movement in podcasting, and if Charlie’s track record is any indication, it has only just begun. One thing is for certain, though. As Quantopia continues to grow, Charlie will continue to make the mission about the growth of others. While he is pursuing his own journey of self-development, he knows that fulfillment can only be achieved by helping millions of others find their own version of happiness.

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