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The Story of Eli Dangerfield and Elmore Lewis Watches



Eli Dangerfield


Eli Dangerfield is 21-years old and was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia. He is a millionaire and has been featured on multiple media outlets worldwide and has gained lots of popularity online by helping thousands of people make money easily online leveraging the power of online shopping. He manages to do this by following a unique variation of the “eCommerce business model” which he created very long ago. It was during high school when Eli Dangerfield founded his very own watch brand called “Elmore Lewis Watches” – and he has since sold thousands of products worldwide to over 20 different countries and gathering several hundred 5-star reviews. Not only is he working on his thriving eCommerce business, but he’s begun helping others tap into the booming industry of online shopping as well. Looking around, you won’t find many self-made 21-year-olds with seven figures, especially in Australia where he lives. As a young 17-year-old, he had no help getting into the business industry, he had to obsess over his craft in order to set the foundations for which his success is entirely based on. He’s also known for working with many popular influencers and reality TV celebrities to help with launching his merchandise, apparel, as well as informative programs to thousands of customers.

Prior to Eli’s current successful venture, including his Australian watch brand and his online training program called “The Six Figure Brand Accelerator”, he has also started multiple online businesses on his own. Since he was 14, he has had his eye on becoming an entrepreneur and  “enjoying the fruits of that lifestyle” he says, that everyone wants to attain. As many do in their lifetime, during his early years of high school he decided to google “How to make money online” and stumbled across a ton of different business ideas. These ideas ranged from affiliate marketing,  starting an SEO (search engine optimization), local services businesses, creating content for brands, being a photographer, and forex. He decided to play around with a bunch of different ideas to see what he’d like and didn’t see much success in. He would make a couple of hundred dollars here and there, but he wanted a lot more. He wanted something that was proven and tangible to build his business model on, so he figured that eCommerce was the perfect thriving sector and it would only continue to grow over time. That split decision was one he would not regret, and here he is, a millionaire at 21.

Eli Dangerfield became dedicated to the idea of creating his own business while he was still in school. He was working part-time as a telemarketer, after school. One day after work, Eli came home and was sick and tired of his job. He sat down on his laptop and began scrolling through his Facebook feed and discovered an article depicting the major success of other world-leading eCommerce brands such as “Daniel Wellington”, “HiSmile”, “Gymshark”, and “MVMT”. He saw how they were making tens, or hundreds, of millions of dollars a year just from selling products with some clever marketing online. At that very moment, it was as if a lightbulb went off in Eli’s head and he thought to himself “Wow, if these guys are making $100M a year selling these simple products, I only have to be just 1% as smart as them and that will change my life forever.” So with that Eli set off on a journey to model what had been proven to work, selling physical products through a simple website. It was at this moment when his very own watch brand “Elmore Lewis” was founded, back in 2016 during his final year of high school. From here it became a process of determining his exact winning products/best sellers, building a unique brand identity, setting up a simple web store, and running some social media advertising campaigns to bring in customers and getting them to swarm to buy from his online business. With this in place, he was now making money 24/7 with virtually 0 risks. This shifted his mindset as to what was possible with the help of the internet and your laptop. To some technology may be seen as a burden, but to Eli, technology is what changed his whole life.

He plans on continuing on in his journey to success by setting goals and following through even when times get tough. He keeps a positive mindset and stays motivated by remembering what he’s doing and where he’s trying to get. With the support of all those around him, he wants to build an empire and encourages everyone else to follow their dreams as well.

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