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Top 10 Jobs Popular With Gig Workers



Top 10 Jobs Popular With Gig Workers

An increasing number of people from all around the globe have begun to realize the benefits of freelancing. The gig economy is witnessing a boom and with the uncertainty brought forth by the pandemic, more people are turning to alternative job opportunities.

In some countries, many people have long since realized that well-paid jobs are to be looked for elsewhere. Since working remotely is not rocket science, the gig economy has proven to be a great choice for anyone looking for better job opportunities on their own terms. This doesn’t necessarily mean money is the primary reason for the shift. Some people simply want to use their time better, leaving enough for them to enjoy their lives. Shouldn’t we all strive to achieve this?

Now, some jobs are more popular than others or, rather, demand for certain occupations is higher than for some. Let’s see which jobs are popular with gig workers worldwide.


Side Jobs in Your Area

1. Drivers and Food Delivery Personnel

For people looking for additional jobs in their area, food delivery has proven to be a good choice. Many large businesses are making use of mobile apps such as DoorDash and UberEats to get their food delivered.

If you own a car and have some spare time, why not make some money on the side?

The same goes for drivers. Uber and Lyft are two beneficial services many people use to earn more money.


2. Photographers

If you are a photographer, you shouldn’t have difficulties finding projects wherever you are. Good photographers are needed everywhere because special occasions occur everywhere.

Another way to earn from photography is by uploading your photos online. There are a number of platforms paying for photos, the most popular of which are Shutterstock and iStock. In addition, there are also various platforms that help photographers sell their masterpieces online. Some of them include Alamy and SmugMug.


3. Courier Delivery

There are many online businesses struggling with timely delivery. Namely, shipping and delivery can get pretty expensive, especially when going through established large businesses. That’s why certain companies like Postmates Courier, Dolly, and Shipt pay people to deliver goods in their local area. The means of commuting are up to you, too. You can use your vehicle or go on foot.


4. Movers

Let’s face it – movers are always in demand, and the job doesn’t require any special skills other than stamina and a proper vehicle.

Lookup for online moving companies and get a well-paid job within minutes. Hourly averages for movers can get pretty decent, too. Couple it with the number of people moving every day and you’ll see that the earning potential is great.


5. Massage Therapists

Massage therapists may have difficulties finding proper jobs online, if they don’t know where to look, that is. The truth is that there’s a number of decent platforms offering good jobs to massage therapists. Soothe is a good example.

Massage therapists can earn substantial amounts of money, but remember that you need to be qualified, licensed, and provide your own massage table and oils.


Remote Jobs

6. Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are in high demand, but the job description may vary from employer to employer. Basic administrative tasks to be expected include maintaining schedules and taking phone calls. Other duties may include coordinating research, creating materials, managing a website, etc.

The hourly rate depends on your expertise and experience, so make certain to compare offers, since demand is high. The Virtual Gurus and Toptal specialize in offering virtual assistant jobs.


7. Survey Takers

People with no expertise in a particular field (e.g., students) can also profit from the gig economy. One job that anyone can do is – survey taking.

Note, however, that jobs of this kind portend that you’ll be leaving personal information left and right online. Also, not all survey-taking jobs are good. Avoid scams, like those fishy pop-up offers.  

However, legitimate survey-taking jobs are posted regularly by research companies, the most popular of which include InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Vindale Research, and LifePoints.


8. Writers and Editors

Writing and editing are obviously two jobs that can be done from anywhere. There are many freelancers making a living from writing jobs, but that doesn’t mean that quality writers are easy to come by.

If you are a professional writer or editor, you should look for better-paid jobs. Rates for professionals can get pretty high, and the clients include marketing agencies, website administrators, any company adding posts on the company website regularly, and magazines.


9. Web and Mobile Developers

Another job that can be performed from any location is development. Web and mobile development are fast-growing industries and are the two positions in the highest demand at the moment. Whatever language you’re proficient at, there is someone looking for you out there.

However, by all means, do be picky with your clients. At the very least, choose people who are reasonable in their expectations.


10. Web and Graphic Designers

Similar to the previous item, web and graphic designers are in high demand. Every business needs at least a blog, and there are also newsletters, presentations, UX design, themes, posters, brochures, pamphlets, etc. to be considered.

Shortly put, the possibilities are close to endless. Any kind of design will pay off. Designers have the benefit that if they impress a large client, they can expect recurring jobs. This is definitely the way to go because creativity is rather a subjective category.



As you can see, the gig economy has a little something to offer to anyone. Whether you are looking for full-time work or a side job, you will be able to find something to your liking. However, keep in mind that competition can be tough, so stick to your rate and be realistic in your expectations.

As is the case with all jobs, reputation comes with time. Be patient, persistent, active online, and learn to negotiate. Sooner or later, you will find a couple of reputable clients and be able to ensure a steady inflow of projects. 

Angela Ash is a professional content writer and editor, with a myriad of experience in all forms of content management, SEO, proofreading, outreach, and social media. She currently works with a boutique agency that offers in-depth SEO analysis, custom SEO strategies, and implementation.