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Top Business Ideas to Earn During Coronavirus 



Top Business Ideas to Earn During Coronavirus 

Amidst this coronavirus pandemic, it’s needless to say that the economy has fallen down. Be it the American superpowers or smallest islands with issues, and every country is struggling. The economy has been impacted in every part of the country, which has created a negative impact on businesses as well. Ranging from multinational companies to small-scale businesses, the revenues have been reduced. 

In addition, the pandemic has limited people to their homes. Some companies are offering work from home opportunities to the employees, while some are downsizing by firing the staff. In other words, the recession is showing its colors again, and people are unable to meet their needs. Some governments are offering funds, but not everyone can gain such benefits. So, if you want to make money online without going out of the home, we have added the top ten ways. Have a look!

Tech Solutions

If you have the knack for technology and know about something that can help fight coronavirus, make the solutions. However, if something requires funding, you can ask governments to help people build an innovative solution. You can work on these tech solutions, but make sure you are developing a simple app that allows people to meet the changing needs of the pandemic situation.

Host Sessions and Webinars

If you have the knowledge, it is your duty to spread the knowledge. Be it the geology or calculus; you can host question and answer sessions along with webinars to help people. In addition, you can start creating YouTube videos or paid podcasts to raise awareness and share perks about your expertise. 


If you have financial skills, this is the right time to put the skills into working. For instance, you can offer bookkeeping services to businesses that need to keep a look at their revenue and numbers.

Write Up

This is for the people who have magic in their fingers, and with these fingers, they can curate words. Yes, we are talking about starting freelance writing. So, gain some gigs from freelance platforms and earn side money! There are plenty of businesses and brands who are always looking for people to curate great content for their company blog.  It’s a great way for them to connect with their loyal customers and update them frequently.

Go Crafty

Everyone has some creativity in them, but some people are filled with creative energy. If you never had time before to start a crafting business, this is the right time to take out the box with crafting supplies and do handmade craft business. 

Childcare Business

Although most people are home and out of work, some people considered to be essential personnel who still have to go to work. There are people who love kids, and if you happen to be responsible, this is a great time to help mothers/fathers take care of their kids.  Some parents do not have the flexibility to leave their children home alone while they are working. So, help out a mother by taking care of their kids at your home. 

Be a Coach

Nope, we aren’t talking about the football coach. Instead, we are asking you to use your listening and compassion skills to help people go through tough times. You can become a life coach to ensure people are overcoming their personal challenges amidst corona. This can be in whatever field you are passionate about or have expertise in.  This could be life coaching, fitness coaching, motherhood, etc.


No matter if you are good at mathematics or biology, the lockdowns are offering optimal time to study to the students. So, you can use your knowledge to teach students.  Many students already are in an online class setting so this is the perfect time to offer virtual tutoring to students in any subject.


With everything going down the lane, the websites are gaining more traffic than ever. However, some websites are still struggling with website ranking, so if you have knacks for SEO, help website optimize their content to rank higher! 

Proof It Up

If you are the grammar Nazi who loves to correct mistakes regarding punctuations, spellings, and sentence structure, help people proofread their content and earn from it! 

Barion McQueen is a serial entrepreneur and branding specialist with years of hands-on experience in helping aspiring startups pave their way to professional career success. He also serves as a real estate investor and business consultant who excels in the art of building positive brand identity with effective social media campaigns & digital marketing strategies. Barion is an avid seeker of knowledge and a zealous author/speaker who pens down his professional insights to direct aspiring young entrepreneurs.