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What It Takes To Build A 5 Million Follower Network On Social Media



What It Takes To Build A 5 Million Follower Network On Social Media

Tucker Leary from Boston owns a 5 million follower network of pages on Instagram, manages rap artists social media, and is most known for “making people famous.” I had the pleasure to interview him about what it takes to build a 5 million follower network. These are the thoughts he shared with me

Hey Tucker! Why did you build a 5 million follower network?

Tucker: I always wanted to make money doing something I loved, so I started an Instagram page of football highlights at 11 years old. Since then, I have been able to grow one of my accounts to 409,000 real active followers in 5 days. I’ve grown @thutmose rap carrier to where it is now, along with helping many others start an Instagram Career. Another big accomplishment is when I did over $40k in a month drop shipping

What are three tips for someone who is looking to build a network of at least one million followers?


Tucker: My first tip to building a successful network of following on any social media is consistency. Consistency is the number one rule for almost everything because when you push out content over and over eventually it will catch someone’s eye. Once that one person sees that there’s a good chance he or she tells a friend, that’s how posts go viral. Word to mouth can only work if you provide the content.

Post good content daily

Tucker: Tip two is to make sure the things your posting daily are good content, not sloppy and not stolen. Your ideas are always the best ideas because they are original and even though they might not go insanely viral, they will get attention if you post daily and push out good content that your followers want to see.

Know who you are working with

Tucker: My third tip to building a successful network of following on social media is too know who you are working with. You can’t have 10-12yr old followers and be posting memes that only 20-30yr would understand and find funny, you can’t have a football account and post-tennis videos. You have to find out who your audience is, then capitalize on that and post what they want to see, not what you think is funny. With those 3 tips, you will already be ahead of the game than most trying to build there following!

What’s that best way for people to reach out to you?

Tucker: The best way for someone to reach me is by Instagram dm, my Instagram is @Tuckerrs

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