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10 Simple Digital Marketing Tips your Competitors Are Not Aware Of



Digital Marketing Tips

In the world of marketing, companies are constantly engaged in a race against each other. Consider Pepsi and Coca-Cola, for starters- they’ve been at it for years!

Competition has always been tough, but the introduction of digital marketing has been a game-changer.

Vigilance is key when it comes to staying ahead of your competition in the digital field. Knowing the right techniques isn’t enough. It’s smart to be on the lookout for ever-evolving trends, but going the extra mile might be just what it takes to win your audience over: outwit your competitors.

The easiest way to do it is to find a bunch of effective digital marketing techniques, that your competitor hasn’t bothered to try out yet.

Below lies a list of the 10 most simple yet effective digital marketing tips that your competitor probably has no idea about.

  1. Research Competitor Keywords

Every company that markets its brand online knows the importance of Competitors Keyword Research. After all, using the right ones is how you get search engines to rank you higher in search results. But what most companies overlook is their competitors’ keyword research.

Knowing the keywords your competition is using can turn the tables in your favor, real quick. This is because analyzing them will help you determine which ones you should be using more. For instance, you can start using a keyword that you find appealing, or if a keyword has been overused, you can replace it with a new one.


  1. Review Facebook Ads

Info and Ads,’ is a useful tool that has recently been introduced by Facebook. Use it to look up the ads your competition is putting out across all social media platforms. This is such a simple yet fruitful way of taking the lead.

Go a step further and use a tool like PowerAdSpy to find out more about your target audience and how well the ad’s doing with them.

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  1. Pay Attention to your Content

While most companies are posting blogs and articles with smoothly incorporated keywords, they aren’t always paying as much attention to the writing. If you’ve managed to secure the top spot in the search results through your skilled use of keywords, you’ve only won half the battle.

The audience you’re writing for, aka human beings, have to find your content captivating and informative. If they don’t feel connected to the words you’ve written, all your efforts have been for naught. So, make sure the text is worth reading and helpful to the audience.


  1. Find your Audience and Target Them

Not everyone is interested in the products your brand releases. There is always a target audience, much narrower than the general population. The important thing when marketing, is for your efforts to reach the target audience.

In the digital world, you have to find your audience on social media. Discover the app where your audience is for maximum engagement. If they are found across multiple platforms, target them specifically.

There’s no use of an elaborately designed advertisement that your target audience will never see.

Additionally, when coming up with campaigns, slogans, and policies, don’t forget the crowd that will be purchasing your product/service; whatever you come up with must appeal to them.


  1. Make use of Google My Business

Another free tool, Google My Business was created by Google. It’s in your best interests to not underestimate its business value.

With it you can insert the address of your company, a summary of its functions, phone numbers, etc. and they will be presented before the searcher.

When most of us search the internet now, the information we get by skimming over the companies listed through Google My Business is all we really read (and perhaps need). There are direct links to calling and emailing the companies, which makes your company more approachable.


  1. Influencer Marketing

In an era with so many choices, people are often left utterly confused. So, who do they turn to for advice? Other people. It’s really that simple. Sponsored content and paid advertisements are nowhere near as appealing as the word of someone who has tried and tested a product of your brand.

Influencers are center-stage on social media. Their honest reviews are what hundreds, if not thousands, of people, look up to.

And where videos are the future of digital marketing, influencers take the lead again. Their testimonials across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and the like, are being watched by everyone, including your target audience.

So, engage influencers, send them samples and watch them do their magic.


  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is more popular now than ever before. It can help you detect user engagement with eerie accuracy and that alone can do wonders for you.

You should also seriously consider Chatbots. They run on AI, require minimal intervention, and therefore, can help you provide 24-hour assistance to your viewers.


  1. Re-Marketing

Once upon a time, someone visited your website but took nothing away from it. Play your part in changing that. Send them new advertisements and updates. They’ll come by again soon enough.

Most companies neglect and undervalue email lists. Don’t be one of them. Maintain an email list and regularly send out promotions and updates to its members.


  1. Word of Mouth

No matter how far the bounds of marketing go, word of mouth will always be a winner. People trust each other’s reviews and are thereby more likely to approach you if someone talks to them about your company.

Place customer reviews front and center, organize events and offer promotions to get people hooked.


  1. Work on your Website

First impressions are everything when it comes to websites. Make use of the best of everything when it comes to them.

Use colors that convey a message, attractive designs and graphics, and a user-friendly layout. Infographics have been all the hype lately, so leave them on your website as bait for your audience.

Effective digital marketing is not exactly a piece of cake. If you’re looking for corporate branding services in Edmonton that will give your company the fresh image it needs, contact a well-reputed digital marketing agency that has the answers to all your digital marketing queries.

Muhammad Azam is a Digital Marketer and SEO strategist in Edmonton Based Digital Marketing Agency. He writes on latest technology, digital marketing, Data Science, Machine Learning and advanced SEO Strategies. Follow him on LinkedIn and twitter for advanced business solutions in digital marketing and data sciences.