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2019 Social Media Marketing Blunders to Avoid at All Costs



Social Media Marketing Blunders

One of the valid reasons for shifting towards social media marketing is the vast exposure of products and services. People of different age groups belonging to different echelons of society use social media regularly. It is not a part of life but a lifestyle now. Companies competing in the corporate world always aim at higher profits. Social media became one of the biggest sources of profit for them. Thereby a pool of companies and entrepreneurs entered this stream of social media. Within a few decades, marketing companies have completely evolved their strategies. People are widely going after social media services for the sake of a hike in their sales graph. Digital marketers and social media advertisement companies have introduced many techniques that boosted this activity abruptly. However, there are some blunders that are causative of a sudden failure of social media marketing strategy. Some of these mistakes are enlisted below. Get to know them before you start the mission of targeting your market through social media.


Social Media Marketing without Strategy

What is meant by social media marketing without planning and strategy? It means you just hire a developer to make a web portal for you. He makes a catchy website and places attractive material on your page. A few days later followers are this page increase. Then there is nothing for them, they just wander there and find nothing. No replies to complaints and no customer care. This results in a failure of social media marketing. What proper planning includes is

  • Targeted areas
  • Targeted market
  • Regular monitoring
  • Responsive to customers
  • Tactics
  • Investment

Therefore, you cannot take social media marketing based on flukes. You can take help from a professional social media company. They assist in formulating the digital marketing plan and deal with certain complexities associated with the execution of this plan.


Nothing Targeted

Social media marketing is not a cup of tea. It is a way different from marketing that you do through print or electronic media. It is not easy to reach the targeted market without the help of professionals. It is a common problem that traffic is consistent and maintained at a webpage but businessman fails to bring significant change in sales. It is just because the visitors to your webpage doesn’t need your product or services.


Replying Negatively to Negative Reviews

When you give liberty to your customers to share their comments then be ready for mockery and complaints as well. Freedom of expression is their right however, you cannot ruin your business by replying negatively to such comments and reviews. Negative replies drive new customers away because it is general customer behavior that he believes in your previous customers but not you. It is better to take help from the digital marketing team before replying such feedback.


Removing Negative Comments

Turn crisis into opportunities that’s what symbolizes a good businessman.  It is never advised to remove negative comments entirely from your web portal. Rather you need to be vigilant while answering them. Two mistakes that you must avoid are a rebuke or negative replies to derogatory reviews and deletion. If you reply politely to this feedback it will show your concern and customer care. New customers will not avoid hiring your services.


Least Responsiveness

People who develop an attractive web portal and getting satisfactory online traffic must not think that the story ends here. The ultimate goal is the increase in profits. Making a website, getting viewers are just preparatory phases. One of the ways to urge people to buy your services or products is to respond to them quickly. Keep updating your webpage. Whatever you offer or sale place that at your website. Respond to the comments and reviews of your clients. Deal with their complaints. Increased responsiveness ensures an increase in sales.


Bland Content

Interesting content is a white hat technique used in the world of digitalism. It attracts customers and urges them to stay on your webpage. However, people who post content just for the sake of posting content often fail to achieve their marketing goals. So you must not let the chance go from hands. Add interest and spark in your website content to increase traffic towards your page. Interesting content is none of the fair SEO technique that helps in social media marketing. 


Promoting Drugs and Violence

There are numerous online businesses that approach you for their pay per click ads. These ads establish a link to your social media business portal with other online links. When you get the option to post PPC ads go for it but take care that they must not be promoting drugs, violence or obscene material. Such ads clearly deliver the idea to your customers that your services are substandard and you are using cheap tactics for attracting customers.


No Social Media Team, No Policy

The social media team helps to decrease the difference between targets and achievements. Regular monitoring of social media marketing statics helps in devising new and better strategies. If you lack a social media team then heed toward formulating one. You can either hire social media marketing services in Sutton or formulate a team of product or services experts, data analysts, and HR experts. Monitor their activities yourself. Take every day, weekly, and monthly progress reports from them.


Product Promotion

One thing you need to know regarding public behavior is that they do not believe what you claim. So do not waste words, time, and energy in boosting your product or services. Let customers try it and leave their comments. Strive to get positive reviews. These reviews are a way to bring more customers.


Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.